Dylan Simard, KMXT - Kodiak

Dylan Simard, KMXT - Kodiak

Coast Guard finds serious defect in popular survival suit

The suits are Imperial Immersion Suits manufactured by Survitec Group, a safety equipment manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. They are one of only a handful of companies approved by the Coast Guard to make survival suits for use in the United States.
people carry a large gold dome

A small community of Spruce Island monks is getting a new chapel

The chapel is nearing completion and should be finished sometime in the fall of this year.
A school.

Kodiak borough schools switch to remote learning amid coronavirus spike

5% of the Kodiak Island Borough’s population is known to presently have COVID, using the data from the latest census in 2020.   
A school.

COVID surge in Kodiak is taking a toll on schools, high school moves online

“As an example, in one of our schools on Monday morning, we were missing a principal, the secretaries, the nurse, the day custodian and the cook,” says the superintendent.
A state ferry on the water at dusk.

It’s official: The Tustumena state ferry is finally being replaced

Per state law, the new ferry will be named for an Alaska glacier, with the name selected through an essay contest for Alaska students.
A line coming up to a boat attached to some buoys with kelp hanging down

A new proposed kelp farm off Kodiak is part of growing trend

The kelp would likely be for sale to an in-state buyer, who would process the kelp and sell it in different seafood products.
A rocket is launched.

Astra successfully launches experimental rocket from Kodiak

The 40-foot rocket lifted off shortly after 9 p.m. shooting more than 300 miles upward into the night sky.

Pilot dies in Kodiak plane crash

Federal investigators are heading to Kodiak after a small plane crashed Sunday afternoon shortly after takeoff.
A Coast Guard officer reaches out to a black dog on a beach.

Puppy found alive on beach after fishing boat capsizes near Kodiak Island

When the fishing boat capsized, Grace, an 8-month-old puppy, jumped into the freezing water and was presumed lost. But a day later, the Coast Guard found her. She seemed a bit shocked, but she was alive.
A group of people sit around a table.

This new program aims to create a new generation of Alutiiq teachers

The Alutiiq language has lost four speakers in the last year. Tribal leaders say that's a huge loss: Out of the 30 remaining speakers, there are just a handful of people left who are able to teach Alutiiq. That's where the Sun’aq tribe’s new master-apprentice language program comes in.

Kodiak monk arrested for sexual abuse of a child

The state Department of Law says Evan P. Nicolai turned himself in to the Kodiak Police Department and reported he had sexually abused an 8-year-old child.

Coast Guard encountered Chinese warships in the Aleutians in August

The Coast Guard encountered a flotilla of Chinese warships 46 miles off the Aleutian Islands at the end of August, inside of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone.
A whale surfaces in the ocean.

Watch: In August, scientists saw rare right whales twice in Alaska waters

Biologist Jessica Crance witnessed both sightings personally, and is among a handful of living people who have seen one of this population of right whales up close since the species was devastated by commercial whaling.
A large black boat

Investigation into Scandies Rose sinking points to ice accumulation

The National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into the Scandies Rose sinking has found no fault with the captain or crew but pointed to inaccurate vessel stability instructions that could have led to dangerous ice accumulation.
An elderly white woman sits in a chair, smiling, holding a bouquet of flowers

Kodiak remembers 101-year-old woman determined to vote

Margaret Hall of Kodiak wanted very badly to vote this year. She first saw the voting process up close in Minneapolis, Minnesota.