Dr. Jillian Woodruff

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Line One: Hormone replacement therapy myths, facts, and the unknown

Since the landmark women’s hormone study of 2002, even some doctors are intimidated by the prescription hormones used to balance levels and resolve these symptoms.
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LISTEN: The impact of nutrition on wellness

What is the key to nutrition and fitness that eludes us? Does one specific diet exist that is guaranteed to lead to health and wellness?
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LISTEN: Treating infertility in Alaska

In Alaska, patients must travel out of state for advanced infertility treatment. Fortunately, there are infertility services to bridge this gap and provide much needed evaluation and treatment options within the state.
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LISTEN: Vaccine fears in the BIPOC community

In the Black, Indigenous and People of Color community, mistrust of the COVID-19 vaccine is deeply rooted and extends to vaccines, medical treatments and even hospitals.
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LISTEN: Identifying the root cause of disease with functional medicine

The field of functional medicine works to find and treat the root cause of diagnoses and not just the diagnoses themselves. Is it the key to a long and healthy life?
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LISTEN: The risky business of delivering babies

Diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and addiction are unfortunately common problems that threaten healthy pregnancies.
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LISTEN: Why aren’t there more Black men in medicine?

In 1978, Black males made up a little over 3% of medical school enrollments, but in 2019 that number was even smaller. Does this disparity contribute to healthcare inequities in minority communities?

LISTEN: ‘Let Every Woman Know’ the signs and symptoms of female cancers

Some cancers may have significant symptoms, while others may have none. Let Every Woman Know is a group spreading the word about the signs and symptoms of gynecologic female cancers like ovarian, cervical and vaginal.
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LISTEN: Not all healthcare heroes wear scrubs. What careers exist outside of doctoring?

There are many exciting clinical careers aside from Doctors and Nurses. If blood and guts are not for you, you can still enjoy a blood-free clinical career in healthcare.
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LISTEN: What is naturopathic medicine? How do you know if it’s right for you?

Naturopathic medicine, oftentimes acknowledged as a “last resort,” is a practice where patients work together with a naturopathic physician to determine the cause of their condition.

LISTEN: Should you go to an OB-GYN or a certified nurse midwife? A discussion about the role of midwifery in maternity care.

Many women prefer non-physician care during their pregnancy. Is non-physician care appropriate for all pregnant women? What is the role of the Certified Nurse Midwife?

LISTEN: What is the role of the OB-GYN doctor?

Many factors affect the care that you receive during pregnancy, including obesity, having preexisting medical problems, and even being a minority. What can we do to mitigate our risks and to prepare for a healthy pregnancy?

LISTEN: Say cheese! The ins and outs of good dental health

Do you visit your dentist every 6 months? Your oral health not only impacts your quality of life and your smile, it also has a major impact on your overall health.

LISTEN: We’re still getting questions about COVID-19. We invited two doctors back to answer them.

Alaskans have been under orders to shelter-in-place to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But many still have questions about how coronavirus spreads. So we invited to two doctors to answer them.

LISTEN: Still have questions about coronavirus? Two doctors are here to help.

Covid-19 is just one type of Coronavirus, and perhaps has more than one mutant strain. Let’s gain an understanding on how our medical community is prepared to treat and prevent this virus.
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LISTEN: Pediatric blindness is incredibly common in Alaska. Here’s how you can help your child.

Has your child had their first vision screening check? Pediatric blindness is particularly common in Alaska- one cause was discovered two decades ago and the other was just reported this month.

LISTEN: We ask a dermatologist about ethnic skin and hair care

Is your skin clear in 2020? The quality of our skin influences our confidence and emotions. Hair loss impacts our self esteem. Let’s learn more about our skin and hair from a medical and cosmetic standpoint.

LISTEN: How to optimize your health with integrative medicine

More than ever, people are seeking a more holistic approach to care and are interested in learning about non-conventional medical therapies. What exactly is Integrative Medicine and how can it benefit you and your family?
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LISTEN: Let’s get to the guts of it! Colon and rectum health from top to bottom.

The digestive tract is one organized system that includes multiple organs from the stomach to the liver to the intestines and more. But what can happen when something goes wrong? Let’s start to understand this system from the bottom to the top.

LISTEN: It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How much do you know about breast health?

Did you know that breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the U.S. and affects males too. On the next Line One we open a treasure chest of information regarding breast health in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.