Davis Hovey, KNOM - Nome

Davis Hovey is a news reporter at KNOM - Nome. Hovey was born and raised in Virginia. He spent most of his childhood in Greene County 20 minutes outside of Charlottesville where University of Virginia is located. Hovis was drawn in by the opportunity to work for a radio station in a remote, unique place like Nome Alaska. Hovis went to Syracuse University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Broadcast Digital Journalism.
A rack of colorful jackets.

Native-owned Nome business makes traditional garments with modern materials

Alice Bioff said her approach comes from her background as an Inupiaq woman living in Nome. “I was surrounded by women who sewed atikluks, qaspeqs. I was around that all my life,” she said.

Dead seabirds are washing ashore in Western Alaska for the fifth straight summer

Researchers and federal scientists still have no definitive explanation for the cause.

Western Alaska residents fill buckets of late-budding salmonberries

Some possible causes for late budding in berries include more precipitation when flowers bloom, which reduces pollination, an overall lack of pollinators, or sometimes animals and birds eat the berries during the winter.
A snow machiner

2021 Iron Dog set to start with more restrictions, less support

The 2021 Iron Dog will start in two weeks, but with an adjusted route and new COVID-19 precautions.
A snowy street neaer several bars

In Nome, few sexual assault crimes result in prosecutions

Some survivors think law enforcement doesn’t prioritize these kinds of crimes, especially when the victims are Alaska Native.
Scattered blueish sea ice in water

Fall storms set back Bering and Chukchi sea ice formation in already delayed season

As of Nov. 3, sea ice in the Bering and Chukchi Seas in is the lowest on record for the last five years, even with tiny bits of ice starting to form in Norton Bay and the Kotzebue Sound.
A grey building on a dirt road

12 new COVID-19 cases reported in Stebbins

The report comes after two weeks without a case in the Norton Sound community.
Three relatively small windmills turn above small, one-story homes. Green grass in the foreground and thick fog in the background .

COVID-19 cases send Gambell into lockdown

A VPSO is patrolling the community to limit contact between residents.
A rainbow above a gravel road with mountains in the background

After dry summer, Nome sets daily rain record

Nome recorded 1.27 inches of rain on Sept. 14
Three relatively small windmills turn above small, one-story homes. Green grass in the foreground and thick fog in the background .

COVID-19 cases confirmed in St. Lawrence Island communities

According to the regional health corporation, his newest patient was tested as a close contact of the individual in Savoonga who was confirmed as a positive case on Sunday.
A boom hoists a circular net filled with cod fish.

Cod tagging project shows cod might not overwinter in Bering Sea

As cod populations have surged in the area, it appears that so far, they aren't staying there the whole winter.

Travel ban in Unalakleet after two cases detected in one week

This latest case is a resident of Unalakleet unlike the first one which was identified as a non-resident of the community over the weekend.

Mysterious Bering Straits seabird die-off enters fourth year

Most of the dead birds reported last month were murres and horned puffins.

3 COVID-19 cases confirmed in one day in Norton Sound Region

One of the cases was in the community of Teller, population 237. Health authorities say they will offer additional testing for residents there.
Three relatively small windmills turn above small, one-story homes. Green grass in the foreground and thick fog in the background .

Gambell rations fuel as it awaits fuel barge and line repair

Residents are only allowed to use two gallons of fuel per day due to a leaky fuel line and a fuel barge that didn't arrive last summer.
Envelopes and a bag, all emblazoned with the words "Census 2020"

Census officials say they’ll count all rural Alaskans; Workers on the ground aren’t so sure

With limited person-to-person interaction hampering census effots, only about 17% of Nome's population has been counted.
The research vessel Sikuliaq will work in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas through November. (Photo by Emily Russell, KNOM - Nome)

COVID concerns thwart NOAA and other researchers’ plans to study a Bering Sea in flux

The regional tribal consortium in Nome is hoping researchers will cancel trips.

With Army Corps report signed, Nome Port project heads to Congress

It's the latest step in a 10-year, $500-million project.

Nome hospital reopens after positive tests among workers

The Norton Sound Regional Hospital closed down over the weekend after the first positive tested.