David Schaper - NPR

David Schaper - NPR
people in line at a crowded airport

A record number of Americans may fly this summer. Here’s everything you need to know.

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the busy summer air travel season and this may be the busiest ever. But some worry it could be another summer of delays and cancellations after a "pretty rocky" 2022.
a crowded airport

Summer air travel could be expensive and chaotic. Here’s how to avoid trouble

Air travel demand is back to pre-pandemic levels, while fares are soaring. Staffing shortages leave airlines with little wiggle room when bad weather hits, which could lead to delays and cancellations.
People lined up in an airport

Omicron spreads uncertainty about holiday travel and dampens recovery for airlines

The rapid emergence of the omicron variant of the coronavirus has many questioning whether they should rethink their holiday travel plans.

Flying for Thanksgiving? Expect packed planes, unruly passengers and cancellations

Brace yourself for long lines in crowded airports and jam packed flights, because the early pandemic days of half-empty planes are long gone.