Dan Bross, KUAC - Fairbanks

Dan Bross is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.
a moose

Predator reduction efforts have not increased moose harvests, study says

A new scientific paper on predator reduction efforts in much of Interior and Southcentral Alaska has found they have not increased hunter moose harvest over several decades.
Into the Wild bus

UAF gets federal grant to preserve ‘Into the Wild’ bus

The 1940s-era Fairbanks public transit bus will eventually be displayed outdoors under a shelter at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
A green-tinted photo of a fish

‘Programmed to eat’: Northern pike mauls husky at North Pole gravel pit

A North Pole woman is keeping her dogs away from a neighborhood gravel pit after a northern pike attacked and injured one of them last month.
HAARP's antenna array

HAARP campaign’s projects range from Jupiter to the moon

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is operating the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program facility, or HAARP, for 13 projects this month.
A car parked near trees.

‘We are working on this’: Troopers get significant tip in 2020 Interior missing-persons case

Troopers Capt. Eric Spitzer says this week's break advances one of four cases of Alaska Native people reported missing in the Fairbanks area two years ago.
damaged boats and sheds in chevak

A storm is on track to hit a portion of Western Alaska pummeled by last month’s typhoon remnants

The new storm developing in Russia is anticipated to move north of the Siberian Peninsula toward Alaska midweek.
The back of a police vehicle

2 people killed in Fairbanks apartment shooting, police say

Police are investigating the shooting as a double homicide.
Exterior: a herd of wood bison.

Young wood bison released to the wild in the western Interior

The 28 yearlings increase the Western Alaska Wood Bison herd to about 160 animals.
a portrait of a woman smiling

‘She wasn’t afraid of adventure’: Alaska author Lael Morgan dies at 86

Morgan led an unconventional life, telling the stories of others, and creating her own.
An Alaska State Trooper cruiser parked on Nome’s Front Street in January 2015.

Four children killed in Fairbanks murder-suicide, troopers say

Troopers say their investigation determined that a 15-year-old boy shot three siblings and then himself.
a view from a car window of toppled trees

Power restored to thousands of Interior residents after major windstorm

As of late Wednesday afternoon, Golden Valley Electric Association had restored service to all but about 2,000 of the 30,000 members who lost power.
a fair outside on a cloudy day

There will be no poultry at this year’s Tanana Valley State Fair due to bird flu concerns

The decision also took into account the fairgrounds’ location next to Creamers Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge, said the fair's board president.    
flames and smoke above trees

Denali Borough issues disaster declaration for Clear Fire damage

The 72,000-acre wildfire burned into two subdivisions.
a helicopter in front of mountains

‘I had to get out of there’: Fairbanks man’s remote rafting trip turns into wilderness COVID ordeal

David Hamilton, 77, emphasized the value of his $125 per year medevac insurance.
Exterior: a herd of wood bison.

More wood bison headed for Innoko River region

The 28 yearling wood bison are part of a group form Alberta’s Elk Island National Park that were trucked to Fairbanks in April.
a portrait of a woman with gray hair pulled back, slightly smiling

Troopers searching for grandmother after 2-year-old found locked in car near Healy

Troopers says evidence at the scene indicates the child and vehicle had been abandoned on Tuesday.
electric wires outside on a very foggy and cloudy day

Plane missing since Monday found crashed at Thompson Pass

Alaska State Troopers say the sole occupant, 38-year-old pilot Andy Andersen of Sutton, died in the crash.
flames and smoke above trees

The Clear Fire burned one year-round home and several cabins last week

Denali Borough Mayor Clay Walker says a preliminary report lists 15 affected properties.
a bulldozer pushes rocks on a roadway

Flash flooding closes stretch of Richardson Highway

It’s likely the 17-mile stretch of highway will remain closed through the weekend, says the state transportation department.