Caroline Lester, KUCB - Unalaska


‘Sometimes we get bored’: Unalaska fish processors work back-to-back seasons to keep their jobs

Managers decided that keeping workers on the island would help prevent new arrivals - many of whom come from other countries - from bringing in the coronavirus.

Unalaska clinic joins ranks of healthcare providers struggling to pay bills during pandemic

The clinic, which serves up to 15,000 people, says it has about six months of reserves left despite cost-cutting efforts.

Ailing Ravn begs for social media support, customers and employees start dueling petitions

The company sent out a letter asking customers to tag the president, treasury secretary, and Fox News asking for a change in federal rules that would allow Ravn to receive federal stimulus money.

State is allowing Bering Sea fishermen to quarantine on boats. A similar plan from an oil company was denied.

Out-of-state fishing industry workers are supposed to quarantine in their home communities before coming to Alaska, and again once they get on their vessels. But some worry that they could get exposed during air travel to the remote fishing communities.

Carriers scramble to fill void left by Ravn bankruptcy

Alaska Air and other carriers are working with the Department of Transportation to ensure that communities around the state continue to receive air service after Ravn's decision to shut down operations.

Days after committing to four flights a week, RavnAir cancels all flights to Unalaska

On Friday, representatives of RavnAir Group said that there would be four flights per week to the Aleutian fishing town. On Sunday, the company said it would lay off all staff.

Recall campaign provides at-home petition signing during COVID-19 pandemic

It may not be the most prominent item in the news cycle, but Gov. Mike Dunleavy is still facing a statewide recall.

Trident bars workers from leaving Aleutian plant to protect neighboring village from coronavirus

Akutan, a village of some 100 people, lies 35 miles east of Unalaska. It also boasts the largest seafood processing plant in North America. The Trident-operated plant hosts 1,400 employees a half-mile walk from the rest of the town.