Claire Stremple, KTOO - Juneau

Claire Stremple, KTOO - Juneau

Birdwatchers spend more and stay longer than other Alaska tourists, study says

The study showed that more than half of the birders’ money is spent in Southeast Alaska.
The exterior of a house being flooded

New report outlines Juneau’s climate future, and what the city can do about it

Precipitation has increased by 20 inches a year in the last century and will keep rising. Ocean warming will stress marine ecosystems. More landslides will happen as the region gets warmer and wetter.
someone in gloves holds a ruler up to a bat

For the first time, a Juneau bat tested positive for rabies

Protocol for a suspicious bat is this: without touching it, you put it in a box and leave it overnight.
the side of a cruise ship

Norwegian Sun cruise ship docks in Juneau after hitting iceberg

The ship hit an iceberg near Hubbard Glacier on Saturday.

Starting this fall, UAS will offer Alaska Native language courses for free

“Education was a vehicle of oppression and genocide and assimilation," X’unei Lance Twitchell said. "Our goal is to transform it into a vehicle of opportunity and equity and healing.”
a school in front of a mountain

Parents say calls came too late after children drank floor sealant at Juneau summer school

Superintendent Bridget Weiss said boxes containing pouches of milk and boxes containing pouches of floor sealant were delivered on the same pallet.
The entrance of a school with a mountain behind it

Juneau children given floor sealant instead of milk at summer school program, parents say

Juneau School District officials say 12 children and two adults drank the sealant.
A group of people packing medical supplies into red boxes

State to put opioid emergency kits in seafood plants and harbors across Southeast Alaska

“We absolutely do feel safer,” one plant manager said about having overdose prevention resources on hand.
A white man in a suit speaks ta a podium

Alaska health commissioner announces COVID emergency order will end in July

The end of the order also means the end of extra SNAP benefits for more than 56,000 Alaska households in the state. Those benefits will continue through August.
A woman in a yellow shirt and mask hands two boxes to someone under a glass plexiglass sheet

COVID cases have been rising steadily in Alaska, but is it a surge?

Even epidemiologists are struggling to find the best way to present COVID data over time, state epidemiologist Louisa Castrodale says.
A hand holding naloxone

Alaska has the fastest rising rate of overdose deaths in the country, CDC says

The state’s health department recommends all Alaskans carry naloxone, a drug that can rapidly reverse an overdose.
A nurse demonstrating something to three other nurses

Alaska needs to train more nurses, but it doesn’t have enough nursing faculty to meet demand

Alaska relies heavily on health care workers who come from outside and are less likely to stay. As a result, Alaska has some of the most expensive health care in the nation.
Seen from above, two people packing various items into overdose kits

Alaska is fighting a surge in fentanyl deaths with stronger overdose kits

Nearly 300 Alaskans died of opioid overdoses last year, and most of those deaths involved fentanyl.
A boy sitting up in a hospital bed with his parents on either side of him

An Anchorage boy is waiting for a life-saving stem cell transplant, but Alaska Native donors are scarce

It’s harder for Alaska Native and mixed-race people to find donors because they’re underrepresented in the donor database.

Dunleavy speaks out as fentanyl crisis intensifies in Alaska

Nearly 250 Alaskans died of drug overdoses last year. Six of every ten drug overdoses in Alaska involved fentanyl.
people in military uniforms board a plane

Alaska military bases fall short on climate readiness, federal report says

A report released this month said that most base leaders were unaware even of the requirements expected of them to prepare for climate change.

Alaska teens host anti-tobacco summit online

The teens create tobacco prevention videos that teachers across the state use in their classrooms.
Hands holding a phone displaying the Culture Heals home page

Tlingit and Haida launches online tool for addiction treatment and education

Tribal citizens in Southeast Alaska who are experiencing addiction have access to a new, free online treatment.
A moose stands in a snowy train track with a yellow train engine behind it

Wolverines, lynx and moose: Fish and Game screens wildlife for COVID

Biologists are collecting samples from moose and mustelids — that’s wolverines, minks and martens. There are plans to test caribou and Sitka black tail deer, as well as seals and belugas.