Claire Stremple, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau


Gustavus calls for halt to state construction project after officials find more toxins at city airport

The City of Gustavus is asking the state to press pause on a big, federally funded airport upgrade project as more toxic "forever chemicals" are found at the site.
A musk ox walking along the beach

Fish & Game raffling off Alaska big game permits to boost budget

Tickets are already on sale for what’s called “Alaska’s Super Seven Big Game Raffle.” If it sounds kind of like buying a lottery ticket for musk ox — or another one of the seven most sought after species in the state, like a brown bear or a caribou — it is.
A tawny bird perched ono the edge of a tree limb as seen from a distance

In first for Canada, Yukon birders spot rare visitor from Japan

The sighting is both exciting for the Canadian birders who saw it, and also one small clue in a wider pattern of change.
A bay with a giant cruise shipped docked in the middle. Large spruce covered mountains in the sides

Cruise ban ends, but the coast isn’t clear for the 2021 season in Alaska

The No Sail order from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be replaced with what’s called a Conditional Sailing Order, which requires cruise lines to register with the CDC.
A glacier seen from the air with large bowed striations coing out iniot ht ebay

Could the melting Malaspina Glacier create a new bay on Alaska’s southern coast?

What’s happening at the Malaspina Glacier may be the largest landscape transformation underway in the United States, according to researchers.
The Disney Wonder cruise ship docks near the ship loader at Skagway’s ore terminal. (Photo by Henry Leasia, KHNS - Haines)

Yukon mining industry sees opportunity in Port of Skagway

The industry wants to ensure that it has port access when ownership of the port returns to the city of Skagway from the White Pass and Yukon Railroad
Cruise shipts docked one behind the other

Scientists hope to find what water quality like without cruise ships

The data will provide a baseline for ensuing years once the cruise industry starts back up.
A large cruise ship with a white cabin and a blue hull

What’s the air quality like in Southeast Alaska without cruise ships? Scientists hope to find out this summer

Scientists don't have any baseline data to determine the effects cruise ships have on air quality. With the cancellation of cruise ships in Southeast Alaska this year, scientists will finally be able to get that information.

Skagway resident stranded in Argentina as coronavirus stalls international travel

Meghan March intended to travel through South American during Alaska's winter, but she became one of about 60 Alaskans stuck abroad waiting out the coronavirus restrictions.

Alaska seed companies are overwhelmed as people panic-buy for pandemic gardens

A small seed company in Juneau says that people seem to be buying more seeds than they could ever need.
The Coral Princess Cruise ship prepares to dock in Juneau. Photo by Heather Bryant, KTOO - Juneau.

Cruise lines announce pause in voyages worldwide because of coronavirus

Princess Cruises President Jan Swartz said Thursday that the company will cancel all cruises until May.

50 years after a fuel spill near Haines, the Corps of Engineers plans to clean up contamination on the Chilkat River

A fuel spill from half a century ago is polluting soil and water near Haines, and the Corps of Engineers wants advice on how to clean it up.

With no ferries to haul waste, Southeast Alaska’s septic tank problem could get messy

Not all rural communities have normal sanitation systems like city sewer and water treatment plants, instead they rely on septic systems that need to get pumped periodically. And while the Alaska Marine Highway is shut down, pump trucks cannot get to some small towns that rely on them.

Yukon aims to sell renewable power to Skagway cruise ships

It could be a win-win. The Yukon territory could turn a profit on their surplus, cruise ships could green up their local image, and Skagway might enjoy better air quality near the port.

How a legal fight in Maui could shape a mine project in Southeast Alaska

After hearing the Maui case in Washington DC in November, the Supreme Court is expected to decide how far the Clean Water Act goes next year.

The Palmer Project, a mining prospect outside Haines, could transform into a large-scale operation

While there’s no mine here yet, a small cadre of scientists live here for half the year, looking for minerals.

A Skagway brewery is harnessing beer gas to grow aeroponic produce for its restaurant

Skagway Brewing Company harnesses the carbon dioxide produced by brewing to fuel the plants. Growing the local produce is both supplying the brewery's restaurant and adding a layer of food security to the remote southeast community.