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Alaska’s youngest female murder convict could get out after successful appeal

Winona Fletcher was 14 in 1985 when she and her then-boyfriend robbed and shot to death three Anchorage residents after breaking into the family’s home.
Rows of cots are organized on the floor of an arena.

How did an Anchorage soup kitchen make millions on its homeless shelter contract? A reporter explains.

The money came from a generous city contract funded by federal taxpayers. And more than a year after Bean’s Cafe lost its contract to run the shelter at Sullivan Arena, the billing dispute remains unresolved.
Crooked Creek flooding

What’s going on with flooding in Alaska? A meteorologist explains.

Meteorologist Mike Ottenweller says it's been a dynamic breakup so far, after a cool April and rapid mid-May warmup.
Bert Stedman

Alaska News Nightly: Friday, May 12, 2023

After much debate, the state Senate passes a bill to increase school funding. Also, river breakup is underway, with ice jams causing concern over flooding. And a passenger jet gets a new paint job: an Indigenous design celebrating our connection to salmon.
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Alaska Legislature remains gridlocked over PFDs, with time running out in regular session

Alaska Public Media's Legislative reporter Lex Treinen has been following the action — or inaction — over the budget. He said the sticking point continues to be the size of the Permanent Fund dividend.
A teenage boy in a red bicycle helmet kicks up dust on a mountain bike.

Alaska’s chief medical officer has some tips for staying safe with summer activities

Dr. Anne Zink is also an emergency room physician. And Zink says she and others in Alaska's ERs have already noticed an uptick with summer's arrival.
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Anchorage police officers and city cleared in fatal shooting as judge tosses family’s lawsuit

Judge Sharon Gleason threw out all 11 of Bishar Hassan's family’s claims, citing video footage of the shooting.

Anchorage wildfire risk ‘keeps me awake at night,’ says fire chief

Anchorage Fire Chief Doug Schrage says, from his perspective, a fast-moving wildfire is the single biggest threat the city faces.
Four men in camouflage uniforms, each holding a rifle, pose for a photo with a woman in civilian clothes behind a pile of boxes. One is holding a sign that says, "Thank you, Assist Ukraine."

With Alaskans’ help, Ukrainian woman gets much-needed supplies to her war-torn country

Her name is Olga Shpak, and she was recently in Alaska to talk about where the supplies are going and what she's seen as the war in Ukraine has progressed.
king salmon

Alaska king salmon troll season still in limbo after orca lawsuit rulings and appeals

KCAW's Robert Woolsey has been following the lawsuit from Sitka, in the heart of the Southeast salmon troll fishing region, and says whether the king fishery will be closed this summer remains uncertain.
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Alaska’s COVID-19 situation has flattened out, but what should Alaskans do if they test positive now?

Alaska's chief medical officer, Dr. Anne Zink, says that depends. COVID, Zink says, is still a part of our lives, and she's not ready to declare victory just yet.
A white man in a dark blue uniform looks directly into the camera for an official portrait with the U.S. flag and U.S. Navy flag on each side.

Alaska critics oppose Northern Edge, but this Navy commander says the military exercise is much needed

Northern Edge is a massive training exercise that brings together different branches of the military for war games in the Gulf of Alaska.
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Alaska governor and Anchorage mayor remain close with city library leader, despite her history of offensive remarks

The inflammatory remarks from Anchorage's deputy library director, Judy Eledge, were most recently documented in a story by the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica that included audio secretly recorded by one of Eledge's subordinates.
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Former Alaska legislator sues Alaska Airlines over mask-related ban

Former state Sen. Lora Reinbold says the airline violated her constitutional rights and caused her stress and humiliation.
the Alaska State Capitol

Alaska governor to introduce sales tax bill amid several tax proposals to close budget gap

There are other tax bills filed, including a different sales tax proposal, an income tax proposal and two bills to change to how oil companies are taxed.
A small furry creature, a North American opossum, perches on a branch.

Homer’s opossum visitor, Grubby, still on the lam as town remains divided

Many, including the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, want it dead, because the opossum is an invasive species. On the other hand, it's just weird enough for some Homerites to rally around.
The front of a building with a line of street lights lead to a building. The sign above the entrance reads "Federal Building US Courthouse."

Elderly Alaska couple scammed out of $1.2M in alleged cryptocurrency ‘money laundering pipeline’

That’s according to a court filing related to the federal government’s seizure of cryptocurrencies from accounts the scammers allegedly used.
An Alaska Airlines flight comes in for a landing at the Juneau International Airport.

Alaska flights saw 3 separate arrests for unruly behavior in just 10 days

In one case, a man apparently brought his own alcohol on the plane, and, at one point, started smoking a cigarette.

As Alaska welcomes Ukrainian refugees, state resurrects program to help immigrants get jobs

The Office of Citizenship Assistance will help refugees overcome the employment challenges that come with resettling to a new country.

Alaska not expecting ash from Kamchatka eruption, for now

Shiveluch Volcano's eruption is not expected to create any ash deposits on the ground in Alaska, but that could change.