Casey Grove, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage

Casey Grove, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage
Casey Grove is host of Alaska News Nightly, a general assignment reporter and an editor at Alaska Public Media. Reach him at Read more about Casey here
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Alaska News Nightly: Friday, July 12, 2024

A judge sentences Brian Smith to 226 years for murdering two Alaska Native women. And an Anchorage group calls for a new police review board.
A photo of the front page of the Anchorage Daily News for Monday, July 8, 2024.

Alaska’s most-read newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News, to cut back printing to two days a week

The move is expected to allow the ADN to focus on its digital products, where it reaches the vast majority of its audience.
A man in a blue suit stands outside a forest area.

Anchorage’s next police chief wants timelines for the release of body camera footage

Incoming Anchorage Mayor Suzanne LaFrance announced the appointment of Sean Case to be the next chief of police for Alaska's largest city.

He made his mark in Alaska. Now a new book looks at the life and death of legendary snowboarder Craig Kelly.

Both in the Lower 48 and Alaska, pioneers like Craig Kelly got people to even take snowboarding seriously as a sport at all.
a jackup rig in the water

An Alaska energy blogger breaks down the looming, much-nuanced Cook Inlet gas shortfall

Erin McKittrick looked at a few different possible timelines related to the gas shortfall that utilities and producers say is coming.
Spruce trees

As Alaska’s boreal forest warms, land managers face tough questions about how, or whether, to respond

Reporter Lois Parshley explores whether and when humans should accept, resist or direct climate change's impacts.
A man holding a microphone appears to speak while standing in front of a lecturn.

In Alaska, top cybersecurity official says state’s remoteness makes it vulnerable but touts resiliency

Being disconnected from the rest of the U.S. means a cyberattack on Alaska's infrastructure could cause big problems.

Anchorage stretch of sub-60 degree days was third longest

But National Weather Service climate researcher Brian Brettschneider says it has not been cold, at least historically speaking.
Legislative chamber

Alaska legislative races take shape approaching filing deadline, with some big surprises

There are some big names among Alaska lawmakers who say they're bowing out, while some others are running unopposed.
A screenshot that shows artwork of mammoths with other large animals.

Could Alaska once again be home to woolly mammoths? This reporter had to find out.

Northern Journal reporter Nat Herz went down a rabbit hole recently to understand how woolly mammoths might be "de-extincted" in Alaska.
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Brent Sass to retire from sled dog racing months after sex assault allegations

The Iditarod had banned its 2022 champion from this year's race following accusations that he sexually assaulted multiple women.
A red salmon as seen from underwater

Many Alaska king salmon stocks up for Endangered Species Act review after group’s petition

The National Marine Fisheries Service said Thursday that listing the chinook stocks might be necessary to save the species.

Anchorage green spaces trashed and damaged as homelessness crisis continues

At the same time, advocates in Alaska's largest city and unhoused people themselves say they have nowhere else to go.
Three parachutists descend toward the camera.

An Alaska smokejumper talks about his job as wildfire season picks up

Smokejumpers like Dylan Brooks parachute in to fight some of the most remote fires, often providing the first boots-on-the-ground attack.

An Anchorage high school senior talks about what graduation means to him

Service High's Coen Niclai is a star baseball player and a volunteer peer mentor for freshman and students with intellectual disabilities.
A river mostly covered in ice on a sunny day with a bridge in the distance.

Alaska scientists use satellite to detect open water on otherwise frozen rivers

Alaskans depend on river ice to get around, and having reliable information about open water hazards could make travel safer.
a sign on a tree near tents

Anchorage policing of homeless encampments will hinge on U.S. Supreme Court decision

Anchorage and other western cities say a lower court's ruling has them hamstrung on responding to homelessness.

Alaska an important Special Operations training ground, as Arctic sees interest from Russia and China

U.S. Special Operations forces like Navy SEALs and Army Green Berets were training in Kodiak and Fairbanks this past winter.

Chickaloon tribal policing to expand to non-Native Alaskans under unique state authorization

Chickaloon Native Village's tribal police will fill a policing gap in the Sutton area, east of Palmer in a part of the Mat-Su Borough.
A basketball hoop full of snow

Anchorage winter ties for second snowiest on record but hitting all-time mark unlikely

A whopping 132.6 inches of snow -- more than 11 feet -- fell on the city this winter, as of the latest measurement Friday.