Camila Domonoske - NPR

Camila Domonoske - NPR

Why car prices are still so high — and why they are unlikely to fall anytime soon

Between the pandemic, an acute shortage of semiconductors and other supply chain snarls, vehicle production has never really returned to normal.
gas prices on a mobil sign

Exxon announced record earnings. It’s bound to renew scrutiny of Big Oil.

Exxon earned nearly $56 billion in profit last year, the biggest annual profit any Western oil company has ever seen. Chevron set its own record with $35 billion in profit.

It’s not just buying a car — owning one is getting pricier, too

Mechanics' bills are rising faster than inflation, and people are holding on to their vehicles for longer than ever. That means even those staying out of the car market are feeling inflation's pinch.

ExxonMobil joins business exodus from Russia after decades of close ties

The move comes as the global business community increasingly is moving to isolate Moscow over the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.
The sun sets behind big, metal oil construction platforms.

The week that shook big oil

A set of events shook the oil world this week: A tiny shareholder won a battle with Exxon, investors put pressure on Chevron and a Dutch court ordered Shell to slash emissions.