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Gov. Dunleavy proposes funding boost for Alaska public defenders

Dunleavy's budget amendments also include funding for positions to help address a backlog in applications for food stamp benefits.
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Anchorage Democrat who won state House race meets residency rules, judge says

The judge found that Jennie Armstrong became a resident of Alaska on May 20, 2019, based on the evidence provided.
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2 Anchorage candidates request recounts in their Alaska legislative races

Democrats Denny Wells and Roselynn Cacy have requested the recounts.
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Alaska Gov. Dunleavy sworn in for second term

The Republican last month became the first Alaska governor since Democrat Tony Knowles in 1998 to win back-to-back terms.

Backers of Pebble Mine ‘tried to trick regulators,’ says new report

The report makes several recommendations, including environmental review process changes to “ensure holistic review of cumulative impacts of projects.”
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Fall storm expected to bring winds, flooding to parts of Alaska

A forecaster said the latest storm is on a “very different track” than September’s powerful storm, and its main impacts will be felt farther north.
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Western Alaska braces for strong storm and possible floods

The National Weather Service has coastal flood warnings in place, beginning Friday, spanning from parts of Southwest Alaska all the way up to the Chukchi Sea coast in Northwest Alaska.
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Groups sue over lack of process to fix mail ballot mistakes

Alaska elections officials are violating voters’ rights by not providing a process through which voters can fix mistakes on mail ballot envelopes, a lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges.
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Groups get creative to help Alaska voters understand ranked voting ahead of Aug. 16 election

The first ranked voting election will be the Aug. 16 special U.S. House election.
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Troopers say there’s ‘no obvious reasons’ why Fairbanks teen killed 3 siblings and then himself

“The only person — people — that know what really happened in that moment are deceased,” said a troopers spokesperson.
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Judge refuses to block Alaska campaign disclosure rules

The judge found the plaintiffs had not demonstrated a likelihood of success on their outlined claims.
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Alaska elections office says Eastman eligible to run despite Oath Keepers affiliation

The elections division received 24 timely filed challenges to Republican state Rep. David Eastman’s candidacy.

Tara Sweeney does not plan to sue to fill vacancy on US House ballot

“We made the decision that this is not a candidate fight,” Sweeney campaign manager Karina Waller said in an interview.
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Gov. Dunleavy’s office contracts ex-aide for ‘statehood defense’

The contract with Strategic Synergies LLC was signed in April and released by Dunleavy’s office last week
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Alaska judge orders board adopt interim redistricting map

Superior Court Judge Thomas Matthews in a decision released late Monday ordered the board to adopt on an interim basis a map that pairs the Eagle River area House districts into a Senate district.

Alaska lawmakers struggle with dividend debate

Alaska lawmakers are running out of time this session to pass legislation aimed at resolving the annual debate over what size dividend should be paid to residents from the state’s oil wealth fund.
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Alaska House Republicans remove Eastman from caucus

Minority Leader Cathy Tilton said informal polling of her caucus’ members showed more than two-thirds agreed to Eastman’s removal.
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Sullivan says he hasn’t endorsed yet in Alaska’s House race

Sullivan said that when it comes to a successor to Young, he is interested in “having a fighter like Don Young was” and a Republican.
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Lawsuit challenges Alaska campaign disclosure rules

Political donors have sued over campaign finance rules enacted under a 2020 voter initiative, arguing the disclosure rules are burdensome and could lead to reprisals against them and their business interests in a climate of “cancel culture.”