Ayana Archie - NPR

Ayana Archie - NPR
rescue teams

Iran’s president has died in a helicopter crash, state media reports

Iranian state media reported Monday that no survivors had been found at the site of the crashed helicopter carrying Ebrahim Raisi.
a ship

What we know and don’t know about Baltimore’s Key Bridge collapse

Rescue efforts have turned to recovery after the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, as the region braces for a long and costly reconstruction.
a ship

The Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore collapses after a ship crashed into it

A part of a Baltimore bridge collapsed early Tuesday morning after a container ship crashed into it, sending people into the water.
a hole in an airliner

Before a door plug flew off an Alaska Airlines plane, an advisory light came on 3 times

Flight crew said Friday's Boeing 737 Max 9 flight was chaotic, "loud" and "very violent" after a paneled-over door flew off during a Portland departure.
the aurora borealis

Alaska aurora forecast for this week weakens

Aurora activity will still be visible over Alaska Thursday, but won't be as visible in the Lower 48 according to the UAF Geophysical Institute.
a Starship rocket

SpaceX’s massive rocket Starship explodes 4 minutes after liftoff

SpaceX's Starship rocket failed to separate from its booster, exploding four minutes after liftoff during an inaugural test flight on Thursday.

Authorities are investigating 33 swimmers for allegedly harassing dolphins in Hawaii

Drone videos and photos allegedly show the group "​​aggressively pursuing, corralling, and harassing the pod" on Sunday, state officials say.
an IRS Form 1040

These are the states with the highest and lowest tax burdens, a report says

Alaska leads a WalletHub list of states with the nation's lowest overall tax burdens, at 5.05% of personal income.
a military flag patch

Members of the military will now get 12 weeks of parental leave

Members of the military will now get 12 weeks of parental leave, doubling the previous amount, after a Department of Defense memo went into effect Wednesday.
a reddish colored moon

A total lunar eclipse is happening Tuesday — and it won’t happen again for 3 years

A total lunar eclipse happens when the moon falls completely in the Earth’s shadow.
the IRS building

The IRS is increasing the standard deductions for 2023 as inflation intensifies

The Internal Revenue Service is increasing its inflation adjustments for the 2023 tax year after prices for rent, groceries and gas have reached heights not seen in 40 years.
college students walking outdoors

Almost half of U.S. governors ask Joe Biden to cut student loan forgiveness plan

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is among 22 GOP governors who signed a letter to the president saying his forgiveness plan will "force American taxpayers to pay off the student loan debt of an elite few."
TWO USPS trucks on the road

The government will no longer be sending free COVID-19 tests to Americans

The Biden administration is pausing its distribution of free COVID-19 tests this week, but you can still order new ones before the end date.
a memorial around a school sign

The Uvalde school massacre lasted at least 40 minutes

Local and state officials in Texas release more information, while Americans across the nation continue to express shock and grief at the massacre.

Moderna wants the FDA to authorize its COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 6

Moderna is hoping to get the green light to administer a pediatric, low-dose COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6 months to under 6 years of age.