Avery Lill, KDLG - Dillingham

Avery Lill, KDLG - Dillingham

Northern Dynasty and First Quantum extend deadline for finalizing Pebble option agreement

In December, Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Quantum Minerals announced that First quantum had agreed to buy into Pebble at $150 million for the option to become a 50 percent owner of the Pebble Limited Partnership at the end of four years. On Thursday, the companies extended the deadline to finalize that option agreement from April 6 to April 30. Listen now

Perryville man arrested, charged with murdering his grandfather

Brandon Yagie, 21, was arrested in Perryville Monday and charged with killing his grandfather, 70-year-old Marvin Yagie. Listen now

Pilot sentenced for ‘buzz job’ that leaves co-worker severely injured

A former Anchorage resident was sentenced Thursday in Dillingham for recklessly flying low over a boater several years ago. Listen now

State-supplied MMR booster shot available to Alaska residents

As the mumps outbreak in Alaska continues, the state is allowing more Alaskans to receive a state-supplied third dose of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to augment the protection of the two doses that most Americans receive as children.

Dillingham-raised artist’s work draws attention to missing and murdered Alaska Native women

Amber Webb, originally from Dillingham, drew portraits of missing and murdered Alaska Native women on a handmade kuspuk to call attention to the high rate of death by homicide among Alaska Native and Native American women. Listen now

Ravn begins flights between Bristol Bay and Anchorage

On Valentine’s Day, Ravn Alaska made its first regularly scheduled flight between Dillingham, King Salmon and Anchorage. Bristol Bay residents said they were excited for increased competition among airlines in the region. Listen now

Togiak NWR manager participates in federal disaster relief in Puerto Rico

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge manager Susanna Henry was a part of the Surge Capacity Force, non-FEMA federal employees sent to Puerto Rico to aid with disaster relief after hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the territory. Listen now

Port Heiden loses road access to safe harbor and old village

Port Heiden’s road to its harbor and old village site is crumbling into the sea and the lake on the other side of it will likely breach soon. Listen now

Ravn Alaska to fly between Anchorage and Bristol Bay

Starting in February, Ravn will offer regular service between Dillingham, King Salmon and Anchorage. Listen now

Togiak herring forecast for 2018 to be a little larger than this year

State’s largest herring fishery will allow for 24,000 tons of harvest next spring. Listen now

Togiak woman busted smuggling drugs, says DPD

Dillingham police arrested Josephine Williams, 35, of Togiak for trespassing at the Bristol Inn. A search of her belongings turned up 22 grams of black tar heroin and 25 grams of methamphetamine, which she said she was transporting from Anchorage for a yet-unnamed man in Togiak.

Research continues on elevated mercury levels in some non-migratory fish in Southwest Alaska

Mercury gets into ecosystems by a variety of means, human and naturally caused. National Parks Service and the United States Geological Survey are among those studying mercury levels in resident lake fish in Southwest Alaska. Listen now

Meshik Processing Center aims to be operational for the 2018 salmon season

Port Heiden anticipates its tribally-owned processing center will handle up to 10,000 pounds of salmon per day from May to September, providing local fishermen an opportunity to fish shoulder seasons closer to home. Listen now
Red king crab, pictured here, is one of 13 species that the National Marine Fisheries Service wants importers to provide better information about if it comes from abroad. (Photo via Alaska Department of Fish & Game)

Bristol Bay red king crab quota caught

The total allowable catch for Bristol Bay red king crab this season was 6.6 million pounds. Area management biologist said that fishing this season was “a little slower than we would like to have seen.” Listen now
A red salmon in the water

Study: Erosion caused by spawning salmon could make mountains significantly shorter

A study recently published in the journal Geomorphology found that over time salmon may play a significant role in sculpting landscape surrounding the rivers where they spawn. Listen now

Two years on, Port Heiden’s reindeer herd stable, not yet large enough to harvest

Life in Bristol Bay’s villages is expensive. For Port Heiden residents, a gallon of shelf stable milk costs more than 20 dollars. Fresh milk isn’t available because it would take too long to ship. But they’re working on improving their access to fresh foods by producing their own. Listen now

Alaska Peninsula students and teachers get creative to meet requirements

The Lake and Peninsula School District is piloting a new calendar this year. They’ve dubbed it the “subsistence calendar.” By starting later and ending earlier, the new calendar cuts 77.5 hours of instruction and saves more than $400,000. Classes have been underway for almost two months now. Listen now

Igiugig making slow progress on offsetting diesel consumption with renewable energy

Harsh conditions and funding setbacks are among the obstacles the small village faces as they seek to reduce diesel consumption and rely on alternative energy sources. Listen now

Igiugig hikes to Big Mountain as a part of their local food challenge

More than two dozen students and adults made the 23 mile hike from Igiugig to Big Mountain. Along the way they ate plenty of moose, dry fish and locally grown greens. Listen now

In Port Heiden, recent storms exacerbate an old problem

Several Bering Sea storms have hit the coast of Southwest Alaska hard this past week. For the village of Port Heiden on the Alaska Peninsula, that has meant accelerated erosion, an issue the village has been dealing with for years. Listen now