Ava White, KNOM - Nome

Little Diomede

Little Diomede school struck by collapsing building closed indefinitely

Students are switching to remote learning after the city building partially collapsed onto the Diomede School Sunday morning.
a collapsed building

City of Diomede building slides into school

The village experienced a power outage after the partial collapse of the city building Sunday, which also affected water and TelAlaska phone services.

Western Alaska crafters prepare for gift-giving season

For artists with small businesses, including two from Western Alaska, the holiday season kicks off well before the temperature starts to change.

Winter storm in Western Alaska expected through Tuesday

Sunday marked the first day of winter storm warnings set to continue through Tuesday morning according to the National Weather Service.

Nome police investigate 2 recent suspicious fires

Police say both a Tuesday blaze at a local residence and an Oct. 1 fire that caused extensive property damage appear to have been intentionally set.
a woman checks on a dog in a vet's office

Alaska’s rural animal shelters are struggling to keep up: ‘Everywhere has no room’

Animal shelters around the state have seen a recent uptick of stray and surrendered animals.
a family

Premiere of ‘One with the Whale’ highlights Indigenous subsistence hunting

The film follows Chris Apassingok, who at 16 became the youngest person in his home village of Gambell to harpoon a whale in 2017.
a communications tower

GCI finishes refueling rural Alaska’s TERRA towers after summer Quintillion outage

TERRA's 22 towers, which backed up rural Alaska internet service after an undersea cable was cut by ice, received 110,000 gallons of fuel.
two students

Revitalizing Iñupiaq culture, one phrase at a time

Gail Smithhisler's Facebook page, Iñupiaq Word of the Day, features daily videos describing and pronouncing words and phrases from the language.
a cabin in a river

Western Alaskans remember Typhoon Merbok a year later

One year ago this month, much of Western Alaska was under flood and storm warnings as Typhoon Merbok transitioned into the Bering Sea.
Rocky coastline near Nome

Northern Alaska cable break repaired after 14 weeks of internet outages

GCI announced the repairs in an email to customers Monday, more than three months after the cable was cut in an ice scouring event near Prudhoe Bay.
a sign

BSNC invests $2M in Graphite Creek drilling project near Nome

Bering Straits Native Corp. is ready to invest more than $10.4 million in the project, following $37.5 million from the U.S. Department of Defense.
a barbie with a fish

Viral ‘Fish Camp Barbie’ celebrates Alaska Native heritage

Mom-and-daughter duo Angela and Ermelina Gonzalez recently went viral for their Athabascan Barbie doll dressed in traditional clothing.
Nome muskox

Muskox near Nome homes raise safety concerns

Fish and Game is permitting more muskox kills as the animals migrate into Nome. A state employee was killed by one in December.
a rocky beach

As frustration grows, Quintillion extends timeline for restoring Western Alaska internet service

Repairs to the broken fiberoptic cable can’t happen until sea ice opens up enough for a repair vessel to get through.
musk oxen near Nome

Troopers remind hunters of harvesting obligations after reports of animals wasted near Nome

State law says all edible meat must be salvaged from big game animals except brown bears, wolves and wolverines. Any furbearer must be harvested.
a FEMA official

State, FEMA officials hold post-Merbok town hall meeting in Nome

State and federal officials say financial assistance is still available after the September storm, despite FEMA applications closing in February.
a TV show

Nome’s Hoogendorn brothers take home $500K for ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ win

Oliver and Wilson Hoogendorn's victory on Monday's series finale was seen by more than 100 people during a hometown watch party.