Ava White, Alaska Public Media

Ava White, Alaska Public Media
A woman speaking at a podium.

Anchorage Economic Development Corp. is asking residents what projects they want to fund from a proposed sales tax

Two-thirds of the tax would be dedicated to property tax relief and the other third would fund public projects.
A crowd at a music festival

Sundown festival organizers say event can boost Anchorage economy, grow music scene

Festival organizers say it’s drawing a bigger crowd each year and can provide a significant boost to the local economy.
An image of a mountain shows where a fall occured

Solo climber dies in fall on Denali

The National Park Service identified the climber as T. Hagiwara from Japan.

New study says social media drives visitation in national parks, especially in Alaska

More and more, national parks are using social media to boost visitor numbers and amplify their conservation efforts.
Stikine River

New report questions business model of British Columbia gold mines

The report says mines are allowing day traders and Canadian taxpayers to assume most of the financial risk, while a much smaller group of shareholders reaps the rewards.
Two cars side by side getting a touchless car wash.

Car wash companies expand in Anchorage amid national boom  

According to Bloomberg, there are about 60,000 car washes in the country, and some forecasts show that number could double by 2030.
King Cove

King Cove braces for salmon season with no seafood processor amid historic price slump

Less than 2 months before salmon season, King Cove's seafood processor announced it will cease operations.
Amazon van driving

Amazon says its Anchorage sorting facility has cut delivery times in half

“That's going to continue to speed up and improve as we move towards that 100% operational state,” said a company spokeswoman.
The sign for Alaska Pacific University stands in front of pine trees surrounded by snow.

Alaska Pacific University will partner with Seattle U to offer the state’s first dual MBA/law program

Alaska Pacific University will begin offering a dual law and masters of business administration program this fall. The program is in partnership with Seattle University.
the IRS building

Alaskans are owed more than $4M in unclaimed tax refunds from 2020, IRS estimates

IRS spokesperson Rodney Bearman said if you didn’t file your taxes for 2020, you could have a refund waiting for you. He said the average estimated refund for Alaskans who haven’t filed is over $900.
Five Alaska Airlines planes parked at gates

Anchorage airport officials hope incentive program encourages airlines to test new routes

The Alaska Department of Transportation introduced a program this year called the International Passenger and Cargo Service Incentive Program which aims to encourage airlines to try new routes.
A man smiling with glasses

New development center will connect Alaska businesses with AI tools

The Alaska Small Business Development Center has a new resource center aimed at familiarizing businesses with AI tools. 
A tiger at the Alaska Zoo

Kunali, the Alaska Zoo’s remaining tiger, dies at 19

The endangered Amur tiger, named Kunali, died a year after his brother Korol. Both tigers were 19 when they died.
a smiling woman in an apron holds a baby reaching for doughs on a kitchen counter

Home bakers in Alaska find sweet success on Instagram

A growing group of Alaska home bakers can legally sell their goods, thanks to the state's cottage food laws.
An aerial view of green farmland with a mountainous backdrop.

Alaska will receive $2.6M towards small scale food production

The Micro Grants for Food Security Program provides up to $10,000 for residents and organizations that participate in small scale food production. The grants can be used to buy canning supplies, gardening tools and dip nets.  
a square building with a large black chimney with a sign that reads "Trident Seafoods"

3 seafood processors announce closures, selloffs following historic price collapse for Alaska fishing industry

Three major seafood processors in Alaska have announced plans to sell off their plants or temporarily close for the upcoming fishing seasons. Trident, Peter Pan Seafood Company and most recently OBI Seafoods – just last month – have all cited turbulent market conditions for their decisions.
The Costco Business Center opening sign.

Costco opens new business center warehouse in Anchorage

The new store looks and feels a lot like other Costco locations, but everything from the aisles to the packaged goods is much larger.