Ari Snider, KFSK - Petersburg


For liveaboards in the Petersburg harbor, the rent is cheap and the water is fine

Throughout Southeast Alaska, many people make their home on boats. So-called “liveaboards” are motivated by a variety of factors — lack of affordable housing, a sense of adventure or those who already work on the water.

Skiff capsizes from ferry Columbia’s wake in Wrangell Narrows

A wake from the Alaska state ferry Columbia caused a small skiff to capsize in the Wrangell Narrows near Petersburg.

AK: A Petersburg veterinarian floats his clinic to Southeast communities

For most pet owners, visits to the vet are nothing special, maybe even something they take for granted. But what if you don’t have access to medical care for your pet? This is a real problem for many people in Southeast Alaska’s remote communities. A problem Dr. Ken Hill has been trying to address for years.