Ari Snider, KCAW - Sitka


With Alaska ferries in chaos, island timber and fish businesses wonder who will carry their freight to market

The breakdown of the Alaska Marine Highway system has left many towns struggling to bring in building supplies, groceries and other goods. But for some businesses, the challenge of getting freight out of town is just as urgent.

A rare hybrid fishing boat is quietly making waves in Sitka Sound

There's an odd duck on the waters around Sitka — the town’s first hybrid electric fishing boat, working the nets in near silence.

Pelican, Tenakee mayors ‘stunned and outraged’ at prospect of summer without ferries

Pelican and Tenakee Springs residents saw their fears come true last week in the form of the state’s proposed summer ferry schedule — a schedule that calls for zero summer sailings to the two remote island communities in Southeast Alaska.

Solar energy seems to make sense as power costs rise in Kake, but it’s more complicated than it seems

In Kake high energy costs have spurred growing interest in renewable energy. While installing solar panels has allowed some people and organizations to cut their energy bills, the impact on the local grid is more complicated.

Cold snap freezes freight orders for small towns in Southeast Alaska

Below normal temperatures in Southeast Alaska have put a freeze on an important transportation link in the region.

New Sitka bulk store takes bite out of high food prices

In Southeast Alaska, high grocery prices are a fact of life. Now, one Sitkan is hoping to give local families — including her own — a break.

Environmental review underway for long-awaited Sitka seaplane base

If the process is successful, the city will be able to move ahead with land acquisition, and eventually, construction.

Angoon, the largest Southeast Alaska community without an airport, may soon get one

The airport is still a few years out, but a public information session last week last week provided updates on the project and allowed residents to get their questions answered.

Port Alexander water tank at ‘imminent’ risk of failure

Without at least $1 million in upgrades, the aging water system in Port Alexander risks failure — perhaps catastrophically.

Broadband will open a host of opportunities for work, health and education in Yakutat, tribe says

The project is called NICEY — that’s an acronym for New Internet Communications for Everyone in Yakutat. The goal is to do just that — connect the town to better internet and cell phone service.

Sitka gets new tool in effort to prevent deadly landslides

The system is part of an effort to better predict landslides after a deadly 2015 slide.

Herring study highlights tensions between subsistence and commercial harvesters in Sitka

A new study reveals previously undocumented economic and cultural benefits of herring. The extensive report also highlights threats posed by the current state management plan to the subsistence herring roe fishery in Sitka Sound.

Alaska biologists forecast ‘weak’ pink salmon harvest for 2020

According to a preseason forecast released Nov. 20, the estimated 2020 harvest is around 12 million fish, far below the 10-year average of 35 million.

Sitka anthropologist sleuthing history of old Mount Edgecumbe student houses

Houses built by Mount Edgecumbe Boarding School students in the 1950s are still standing in Sitka. But the exact number — and their significance to the people who built them — have remained largely unknown. Now an anthropologist is working to change that.

At USFS hearing, Sitkans make a unanimous case for a roadless Tongass

At a Nov. 12 public meeting on the Rule and a subsistence hearing that followed, Sitkans expressed strong support for keeping existing protections in place. But some are starting to lose faith in the public comment process.

Southeast Alaska winter king salmon landings up from last year but still below average

Commercial landings and number of fish caught are up from last year, and the season kicked off with opening prices of $12 per pound.

Building a boat with Tongass timber, woodworker finds local lumber hard to come by

It can be surprisingly difficult for people living in and around the country’s largest national forest to get access to local timber.

Rebuilt cafe, new community greenhouse springing up in Tenakee

The greenhouse is expected to be operational by the end of winter, in time to plant seeds for summer gardens.

Port Alexander lands new float plane service for ‘essential’ Sitka connection

When Sitka-based Harris Air stopped flying in September, Port Alexander temporarily lost its Essential Air Service flight, leaving residents with limited options for travel.

Cruise boom brings more business to Sitka but strains some local attractions

More than 210,000 cruise ship passengers disembarked in Sitka this summer, an increase of more than 40 percent from 2018.