Anne Hillman, special to Alaska Public Media

Anne Hillman, special to Alaska Public Media
Anne Hillman is the engagement editor for a special elections-focused project at Alaska Public Media. She also runs Mental Health Mosaics, a project of Out North that uses art, podcasts, poetry, and creativity to explore mental health and foster deeper conversations around the topic. Reach her at
A 50th anniversary copy of the Alaska State Constitution sits on the top of a table.

Talk of Alaska: Breaking Down Alaska’s Constitution

This year, Alaskans are deciding whether or not to hold another constitutional convention, but how do you decide if you want to change the constitution if you don’t understand the current one? On this week’s Talk of Alaska, ask questions of constitutional experts about Alaska’s constitution and the foundational laws of the state.
a person holds a voting sticker in a polling place

How, where and when you can cast your ballot in Alaska’s November election

It's not enough to know who or what you want to vote for, you also need to know how and where to cast your ballot.
Voter Listening Sessions: What do YOU want to know? Virtual and In Person

Voter Listening Sessions in Kotzebue and Kodiak

Talk of Alaska is hitting the road with an in-person conversation in Juneau on June 7.
ranked choice ballot with a pen

Why Alaska uses ranked choice voting and what we know about how it affects elections

Ballot Measure 2 created the non-partisan pick one primary and the four-candidate ranked choice voting general election. It also included provisions related to campaign finance transparency. It required groups who are campaigning on behalf of or against candidates, but not ballot measures, to disclose if most of their funding came from a source outside of Alaska. 

We’re listening to you, Alaska voters

We want to ensure that coverage of this year’s election is voter-centered and voter-driven. Why? Because voters' needs matter most.
an old piece of paper filled with signatures

What to know about Alaska’s ballot measure on whether to hold another constitutional convention

Join Alaska Public Media, the UAA Seawolf Debate and Commonwealth North for a debate about the ballot measure on Sept. 29.
A woman in a blue shirt helping another woman with her voting ballot

What to know about ranked choice voting

The best way to understand the method is to see it in action.

Line One: Mental Health Mosaics — Deepening conversations around suicide and mental health

Suicide has scarred families and communities across the state, but it is possible to heal. It’s also possible to talk about mental health in a way that prevents people from considering suicide in the first place.

Line One: Mental Health Mosaics — Breaking the silence

Breaking the silence around mental health concerns can be hard. On this a special presentation of Mental Health Mosaics, a production of Out North, Anchorage residents open up about their experiences.
a person stands in a voting stall

We’re working to improve our elections coverage. Here’s how you can help.

At Alaska Public Media, we’re collaborating with other media organizations to make our elections coverage more voter-centered and voter-driven. This is how you can get involved.
an older woman stands in front of her house with her hands at her waist and looks downward with a smile

For 13 years she’s cared for her husband who has memory loss. Now she’s looking for help.

The number of Alaskans with memory loss is set to nearly double by 2030. Resources to help are limited, but navigators help caregivers find them.
A portrait of a woman outside

Asking the right questions can stop eating disorders from progressing, experts say

“One of the most important things is to identify an eating disorder early before you get the complications,” said Dr. Rachel Lescher.
Exterior image of the Anchorage Pioneer Home.

New facility aims to improve options for Alaskans with memory loss Caring for someone with memory loss can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. The number of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia in Alaska is set to almost double by 2030. Given the growing need,...
A woman with brown curly hair and a grey sweater sits at a table in a school counselor office with a high school student who is wearing a black hoodie and a glasses.

An alternative high school in Anchorage is focusing on mental health to help students graduate

Karen Hobart said her main goal as a school counselor is to help kids graduate, and that means looking at a lot more than just their grades or the number of credits they’ve earned. She also connects them to resources like food, safe transportation, or different types of mental health care. 
a person sits in a makeshift studio next to a mic in a bedroom

Recovering out loud: How one Alaskan created a podcast to support his sobriety and help others too

Through podcasting, music and story sharing, Ralph Sara is working to make people see that recovery from addiction is possible.
Young Black man smiles slightly while standing next to a blue sign that reads "Benny Benson Alternative High School Congratulations Graduates Class of 2022."

How to help people understand the complexity of mental health

An Anchorage teenager made major shifts in his approach to life and is about to graduate high school. He never saw a therapist, never thought about mental health. But mental health is tied to all of it.

People harm themselves to cope with big emotions. You can help them heal.

Self-harm is a coping mechanism and a call for help. It can also be extremely hard to talk about.
two people showing a gift in an office

At this mental health drop-in center in Fairbanks, members say ‘you can just be you’

The Northern Hope Center is a free, member-driven drop-in center for adults with serious mental illnesses that gives people a social safety net free from judgment.
A group of people pose for a photo outside.

A new crisis team in Fairbanks is responding to mental health calls and freeing up other emergency resources

The city’s Mobile Crisis Team started two months ago and is bringing mental health services directly to people in crisis.