Anna Canny, KTOO - Juneau

Anna Canny, KTOO - Juneau

Juneau’s Thane Road closed after avalanches during Monday snowstorm

Up to two feet of snow covered the road south of Juneau, with road crews expected to perform avalanche mitigation work Tuesday afternoon.
a salmon researcher

Salmon compete with mining companies as melting glaciers reveal new habitat

Climate change aided by fossil fuels means many of western Canada and Southeast Alaska’s glaciers could melt away by the end of the century.
a landslide

‘We’re always going to be surprised’: Wrangell’s tragedy highlights Alaska’s lack of landslide monitoring

Scientists say Southeast Alaska mostly lacks the kinds of monitoring that could make people safer.
a landslide

‘We could still hear the hillside cracking’: How Wrangellites helped each other after the landslide

People stuck on the far side of the fatal Nov. 20 slide described a night of confusion and an improvised evacuation.

Wrangell search and rescue efforts continue after deadly landslide

At last report, there were three confirmed fatalities in the landslide, one known survivor and three people still missing.
people shoveling snow

Blizzard could bring 14 inches of snow to Juneau by Tuesday morning

AEL&P said crews were responding Monday morning to a power outage affecting Thane and Downtown Juneau.

Alaska communities must adapt as climate change transforms state, federal report says

Declining sea ice, thinning snowpack, thawing permafrost and other climate-driven changes are threatening Alaskans statewide, the report says.
the Mendenhall River

Juneau seeks public testimony on flood mitigation along Mendenhall River

Many residents have already set to work rebuilding eroded land. But now, the city will consider stepping in to help with bank stabilization.
a natural gas line

State’s draft energy plan highlights familiar Alaska megaprojects, offers vague plans for renewables

The draft lays out some broad intentions to bring more renewable energy to the state. It also calls for the controversial Alaska LNG pipeline.
a woman washes a row of turnips outside

Later frosts could make new crops possible in Alaska. But climate change brings challenges, too.

Shifting seasons and hotter temperatures could allow farmers to grow more produce. But climate change can also bring drought, pests and permafrost thaw.
a condo

Juneau condo owners take on $1M in flood repairs without state or federal aid

Condo residents say recovery aid from familiar safety nets like insurance and federal and state disaster aid has fallen short of their expectations.
a rainy street

Remnants of Typhoon Bolaven will bring heavy rain, strong winds to Southeast Alaska

Ocean temperatures are warming worldwide due to human-caused climate change, which can lead to more intense storms like Typhoon Bolaven.
humpback whales

Humpback whale calf found dead near Juneau was killed by a large boat, biologists say

The fatal injuries to Tango, found near Auke Bay this summer, included deep lacerations on the calf’s body and pectoral fin likely caused by a propeller.
a view from a window

Tlingit and Haida, Forest Service plans to expand cultural education at Mendenhall Glacier

“The people who go there want to learn about the glacier,” President Richard Chalyee Éesh Peterson said. “They also want to learn about the people.”
the Mendenhall River

Scammers posing as a local contractor are targeting Juneau flood victims

At least one Juneau resident has lost more than $50,000 after paying fraudulent bills sent by someone posing as a local contractor.
a landslide

Juneau Assembly considers repealing 1980s-era development rules, hazard maps

The new proposal departs from previous attempts to adopt new, more precise hazard maps that would expand downtown homes' land use restrictions.
a woman

Families affected by Juneau’s flood rebuild or reassess as recovery efforts drag on

Six weeks after Juneau's record-breaking glacial outburst flooding along the Mendenhall River, recovery is just beginning.
chum salmon

Hatchery strays could increase the risk of salmon suffocation in streams across Southeast Alaska

Scientists have long warned that hatchery salmon can compete with wild fish for resources, including oxygen.
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After a disaster like Juneau’s August flood, mental health can be a neglected part of the recovery

Mental health experts say many people who experience a disaster feel a grief that lasts for weeks, months and even years.