Anna Canny, KTOO - Juneau

Anna Canny, KTOO - Juneau

In Juneau, years can pass without a thunderstorm. Why are they so rare?

The National Weather Service has only issued one severe thunderstorm warning in Southeast Alaska since the 1890s.
a person stands at the lip of an empty basin

Last year’s record outburst flood took Juneau by surprise. As Suicide Basin refills, scientists are working to improve their forecasts.

Last summer, 13 billion gallons of water burst out in a flood that was bigger and more damaging than any before.
a tidal generator

A Juneau inventor wants to bring ocean energy to your outlets

Tidal power could be an alternative to burning fossil fuels like diesel and natural gas, which is driving human-caused climate change.
Jesse Kiehl

Bill to ban toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in firefighting foams passes Alaska House and Senate

The bill prohibits the use of man-made chemicals known as PFAS, which have polluted drinking water across Alaska and the rest of the country.
a mountain goat

Avalanches are a leading cause of death for Southeast Alaska’s mountain goats

New research from the University of Alaska Southeast shows the scale of mountain goat mortality from avalanches for the first time.
a whale

Close encounters with curious Juneau killer whale a reminder of city’s wild nature

There were at least three reports of close encounters with a teenage female orca in the ocean around Juneau in a single day at the end of April.

Juneau parents petition to recall school board leaders in response to district’s consolidation plan

The petitioners are worried about the impacts of closing and rearranging schools for students, as the board addresses a $7.9 million deficit.
a fishing boat in the ocean

University of Alaska gets $20M to study effects of climate change on fishing and harvesting in the Gulf of Alaska

The Interface of Change project will support five years of research to boost climate resilience for mariculture and traditional harvesting.
brown bears

Conservation groups add land to the Kootznoowoo Wilderness

The vast Tongass National Forest just grew a little bit larger. The five-acre Wheeler Property is an important habitat for salmon and brown bears.
a walrus

Scientists, Alaska Native leaders say the Arctic faces a growing crisis from plastic waste

The authors of a new report will join representatives from more than 180 other countries to negotiate a United Nations plastics treaty.
a sign

Landslide-triggered tsunamis can strike without warning. Alaska researchers are trying to change that.

Human-caused climate change may lead to more wave-generating slides. A new method could help detect them in time.
a mine

Kensington Gold Mine near Juneau reports 105,000-gallon tailings spill

Staff at the mine, about 45 miles north of Juneau, said the spill happened in late January after an underground pipeline leaked.
two people install a system near a pole outside

Technology that detects volcanoes and nuclear explosions will listen for avalanches in Juneau

Picking up infrasound could help Alaska Department of Transportation to track high mountain avalanches that often go undetected.
a whale

Study reveals 30% decline in Alaska humpbacks in last decade

The study found that almost 7,000 North Pacific humpbacks went missing between 2012 and 2021, during a marine heatwave known as “the blob.”

Climate change is making it harder to survey pollock in the Gulf of Alaska

Between 2017 and 2019, pollock surveys in the Gulf of Alaska produced wildly different estimates.
a sunken boat

Roofs collapse, boats sink under the weight of Juneau’s heavy snow

Two storms have dropped more than 60 inches, which puts 2024 in a tie for the city’s second snowiest January.
a landslide

Juneau’s deadliest landslide tore through downtown like a ‘mighty grinder.’ Now it’s a fading memory.

The devastation of Nov. 22, 1936 may hold important lessons for a future where landslides could be even more common.

Juneau’s Thane Road closed after avalanches during Monday snowstorm

Up to two feet of snow covered the road south of Juneau, with road crews expected to perform avalanche mitigation work Tuesday afternoon.
a salmon researcher

Salmon compete with mining companies as melting glaciers reveal new habitat

Climate change aided by fossil fuels means many of western Canada and Southeast Alaska’s glaciers could melt away by the end of the century.
a landslide

‘We’re always going to be surprised’: Wrangell’s tragedy highlights Alaska’s lack of landslide monitoring

Scientists say Southeast Alaska mostly lacks the kinds of monitoring that could make people safer.