Anna Canny, KTOO - Juneau

a landslide

Juneau Assembly considers repealing 1980s-era development rules, hazard maps

The new proposal departs from previous attempts to adopt new, more precise hazard maps that would expand downtown homes' land use restrictions.
a woman

Families affected by Juneau’s flood rebuild or reassess as recovery efforts drag on

Six weeks after Juneau's record-breaking glacial outburst flooding along the Mendenhall River, recovery is just beginning.
chum salmon

Hatchery strays could increase the risk of salmon suffocation in streams across Southeast Alaska

Scientists have long warned that hatchery salmon can compete with wild fish for resources, including oxygen.
a condo

After a disaster like Juneau’s August flood, mental health can be a neglected part of the recovery

Mental health experts say many people who experience a disaster feel a grief that lasts for weeks, months and even years.
a person stands on the bank of a river

Even flood insurance won’t do much to help homeowners rebuild after Juneau’s record-breaking flood

Aiden Key — like many who live along the river — thought insurance would provide a safety net. He thought wrong.
Suicide Basin

Why this year’s record glacial outburst flood likely won’t be Juneau’s worst

Annual glacial outburst floods on Juneau’s Mendenhall River will continue for years to come. But forecasting their severity is proving to be unsolvable.
eroded Juneau homes

Juneau’s worst glacial outburst flood destroys homes and displaces residents

“We started seeing structural timber,” one resident said. “And then I was like, ‘Oh, my God. That’s from houses upstream.'”

Wildfires in the Interior, potential drought in Southeast as record heat drags into August

There are now 140 active Interior wildfires, with Southeast Alaska seeing "abnormally dry" conditions.
two whales

2 humpback whales freed after entanglements near Juneau

One of the freed whales, a humpback calf named Herbert, was the third reported humpback entanglement in the area this month.
whales breach near a boat

Sitka-based tour company is asking visitors to consider the cost of their emissions

Allen Marine Tours is one of the first tour companies in the region to adopt a carbon offset program.
Douglas Bridge

Plans for second Juneau-Douglas crossing gain momentum with new federal funding

The proposed crossing would create a new northern route between Juneau and Douglas to supplement the existing bridge.
a fishing boat

Southeast trollers help study a warming ocean: ‘Fishermen are natural scientists’

Two new citizen science projects will help Southeast Alaska troll fishermen gather data about how the waters they depend on are changing.
the Greens Creek Mine

EPA fines Hecla Greens Creek Mine for mishandling hazardous waste on Admiralty Island

The settlement agreement cited five 2019 violations at the Greens Creek silver mine, most related to lead contamination.
a person stands in front of a truck

A shortage of heat pump installers is slowing climate action in Southeast Alaska

Swapping out oil-based heating systems for heat pumps is one of the best ways for homeowners to shrink their carbon footprints. But in communities like Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka, heat pump installers are struggling to keep up.
an ice penetrator

A high-stakes drop onto Juneau’s icefield could lead to better monitoring of Antarctic ice

Engineers from MIT teamed up with Coastal Helicopter and the Juneau Ice Research Program to drop the 6-foot ice penetrator last month.
a cruise ship

Passengers evacuated after fire breaks out on cruise ship in Glacier Bay

Nearly 70 passengers were evacuated after a Monday engine room fire disabled UnCruise’s Wilderness Discoverer in Glacier Bay.
a rainbow

Turning weather data into music could help Southeast Alaska students hear their changing environment

Chet Udell's WeatherChimes, which collects weather data and turns it into music, will be used in projects across Southeast Alaska.
a man in front of a weather map

After 47 years, Alaska Weather TV is going off the air

The 30-minute daily show covers things like incoming storms, sea ice and big picture climate trends while reaching some of the most remote places in Alaska. But after June 30, it will no longer broadcast on public television.
a Juneau avalanche

Drones could make Juneau’s avalanche monitoring faster and more precise

The new project with drone maker DJI will try to get a bigger picture than fieldwork trips with more frequent, automated drone flights.
cruise ship passengers in Juneau

City and cruise lines agree to future limits on tourism as first ship of the season docks in Juneau

Major cruise lines have agreed to a daily limit of five ships visiting Juneau starting next year — but some locals say that doesn't go far enough.