Andy Lusk, KUCB - Unalaska

Andy Lusk, KUCB - Unalaska
a balloon

Feds investigate ‘large balloon’ found by fishermen near Alaska’s Aleutian chain

The Department of Defense declined to discuss the origin or purpose of the balloon, which was brought to Dutch Harbor then flown to Anchorage.
a sermon

Unalaska’s Muslim prayer group welcomes members from all over the world

Group prayer is integral to Muslim worship. Mostafa Hassan, originally from Cairo, restarted Unalaska's prayer group after moving to town.
Eagles sitting in a line at the dump

Unalaska woman breaks the internet with eagles TikTok video

Eryn Whitter's viral video opens with a dirty bald eagle, milling around by itself. Then she pans to another eagle. And another. And another. And another.
a ship

Battery-laden cargo ship moors in Dutch Harbor after December fire

The Genius Star XI, which was hauling lithium ion batteries when a fire was reported aboard on Christmas Day, docked on Tuesday.

Aleutian communities to receive over $4M for recycling projects

The federal funds will be used to build an Aleutian Islands regional recycling hub, clean up military debris and plan cutbacks on landfill use.
a drone

Visiting scientists use drones to monitor Aleutians’ Makushin Volcano

Scientists can fly drones fitted with gas detectors over volcanic vents, measuring output to “smell” if a volcano’s activity is changing.
a bonfire

Aleutian Electrocution fulfills high-voltage promise to Unalaska

The music and arts festival features live DJs, fire dancing, metal art, potluck dinners, a bouncy castle, fireworks and bonfires that burn till dawn.