Ammon Swenson, Alaska Public Media

Ammon Swenson, Alaska Public Media
Ammon Swenson is Alaska Public Media’s Audio Media Content Producer. He was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He graduated from UAA in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and integrated media. He’s previously worked for KRUA radio, the Anchorage Press, and The Northern Light.
A group of people pose behind a vinyl record.

Saucy Yoda performing vinyl release show this weekend | State of Art

The punk and hip-hop influenced party band recently released the album "Who They Are."
Skateboards featured on a wall for the Northern Boarders exhibit in Anchorage Museum.

This museum exhibit is a love letter to AK’s boarding culture | State of Art

Northern Boarders gives visitors a glimpse into the world of snowboarding and skateboarding by showcasing the artistic side of the sports.
Two people in 1900s costumes examine an old car.

Local play selected for L.A. theater festival | State of Art

Playwright Kristen Ritter's "Blanche Stuart Scott" is a historical comedy about a daring woman's ambitious road trip across America in 1910.

Catch these downtown jazz concerts all summer long | State of Art

Concerts are Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Peratrovich Park and features local jazz talent.

Discussing ‘The Queen of Fairbanks’ with author Tricia Brown | State of Art

Brown's new book reflects on the life and legacy of Irene Sherman, "America's farthest north bag lady."

Crafting children’s stories with Brooke Hartman | State of Art

With works like "The Littlest Airplane" and "Klyde the Kraken Wants a Friend," Hartman hopes to educate, inspire and entertain.

Military Voices: Mike and Julie Jordan

In this conversation Mike Jordan tells his daughter, Julie, about an unusual Thanksgiving while serving as a rifleman in Vietnam.

Military Voices: Laura Kabbatt-Kennedy and Ian Kennedy

In this conversation Laura Kabatt-Kennedy tells her son, Ian Kennedy, about her time serving as mental health specialist and her experiences at the Pentagon after 9/11.

Military Voices: Ivan Hodes

In this conversation Ivan Hodes talks about a moral dilemma he faced while serving in Iraq.
A line of hikers ascend a ridge.

Honoring the lost and hiking Gold Star Peak | Outdoor Explorer

Many mark Memorial Day by taking to mountains and trails. That includes the challenging journey up Gold Star Peak.

Military Voices: Scott and Kristie Nelson

In this conversation, Scott Nelson tells his wife, Kristie, about his time on an air rescue crew in Alaska and Afghanistan.

Military Voices: Harry and Melinda DeBruhl

In this conversation Harry DeBruhl tells his wife, Melinda, about flying in the weather squadron and making rescues in Alaska.

Military Voices: Edward and Glynn Strabel

In this conversation Edward Strabel and his wife, Glynn, discuss Edward’s service in Vietnam, close calls and keeping up morale.

Military Voices: Linda and Mark Green

In this conversation Linda and Mark Green discuss playing music and falling in love while performing in the Air Force Band.

Military Voices: Eben and Owen Olrun

In this conversation Eben Olrun tells his son, Owen, about his time in Vietnam and how he’s found comfort through traditions.
A woman sits on a rock in front of the ocean holding a guitar.

Meet UAA’s 2024 student commencement speaker | State of Art

Now that her time at UAA is done, Katie Scoggin hopes to help underrepresented groups while continuing to make music.
A woman with glasses smiles in front of a wall mural.

First Friday exhibition shows the intimate nature of analogue photos | State of Art

Brianna Toomer's first solo exhibition not only showcases her art, but allows a full sensory experience of looking at physical photos.

The man behind the myth of William H. Seward | Hometown, Alaska

Hear about an upcoming event examining the life of Seward and get the facts about the man who helped make Alaska part of the United States.

Anchorage Opera’s ‘La Traviata’ opens this weekend

With a tragic love story and familiar music, the production promises to be the perfect introduction to opera and a unique take on a classic.