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Adak Expected To Lose Jet Service As Part Of EAS Cutbacks

Last year, Alaska’s congressional delegation fought hard to keep the Essential Air Service program alive. They argued that without it, over 40 Alaskan communities could lose the planes that connect them to the rest of the state.

Coast Guard Rescues Three Fishermen From Umnak Island

Three Seattle fishermen were rescued last night after their vessel went aground on Umnak Island. The crew of the Neptune 1 called the Coast Guard at 11:21 pm, alerting them that their boat had lost propulsion and gone adrift in rough weather. Twenty-five minutes later, the Neptune 1 was on the rocks, and the crew had to swim to shore in their survival suits.

Destination Of X-Band Radar Remains Unclear

The Missile Defense Agency is not saying if its huge X-Band radar is ever going to get to Adak, where it is supposed to be home-ported. It spends most of its time in Hawaii or at sea in undisclosed locations.

Kanaga Volcano Acting Up

For months, scientists have been on watch for a possible eruption at Mount Cleveland. Now, another Aleutian volcano is acting up, too. The Alaska Volcano Observatory issued an advisory for Kanaga Volcano after it experienced tremors and released a small ash cloud on Saturday. Kanaga lies just 16 miles west of Adak, but so far there are no reports that this weekend's explosive activity has affected residents.

PenAir Plan Gets 10-Month Hawaiian Vacation

If you’ve traveled in the southwest part of the state, you’ve almost certainly flown on one of PenAir’s turboprops. But as of this week, the distinctive plane can be spotted in places a little more tropical than Alaska.

Fire Consumes St. Paul’s Trident Warehouse

Anchorage television station KTUU first reported that a warehouse owned by Trident Seafoods erupted in flames at about 10:30pm Thursday. While the fire has continued to smoke through the afternoon, a group of 25 responders, including Coast Guard personnel, have been able to keep it from spreading to nearby buildings.

Timelines Proposed for Impact Statement on Steller Sea Lion Regulations

The National Marine Fisheries Service is asking for at least 15 months to assess the impact of their Steller sea lion protection measures.

Newly Discovered Ledgers Offer Insight Into Aleutian History

Today, AC Value Centers are ubiquitous in rural parts of the state, selling everything from groceries to sporting gear to bedding. But a hundred years ago, the Alaska Commercial Company was a force that played a major role in the early development of Alaska.

Alaska Shows Greatest Potential For Ocean Energy Development

With its lengthy stretches of coast line, rapid currents and big waves, Alaska could be capable of producing about a fifth of the nation’s electricity.

Judge Upholds Fishing Restrictions In Western Aleutians

A federal judge has upheld the National Marine Fisheries Service’s decision to restrict fishing in the Western Aleutians in order to protect an endangered stock of marine mammals.

Groups Push For Reconsideration Of Trident Seafoods Settlement Terms

The Clean Water Act settlement between Trident Seafoods and the Environmental Protection agency might not be quite settled.

Year In Review: Haines, Unalaska and Homer

APRN and our affiliates are using this last week of 2011 to look back on some of the stories that left an impression. Some because they were fun, but some because they were difficult to report on.

After Long Debate, Pollock Quota Lowered Slightly

After plenty of back and forth between regulators, industry representatives, biologists, and fishermen, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council has capped the amount of pollock that fisherman can catch in the Bering Sea next year at 1.2 million metric tons.

AK: A New Generation of Fishermen

The fishing industry isn’t getting any younger, and the so-called “graying of the fleet” even has some state legislators concerned. But while fishermen are getting older on average, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a younger crowd eager to enter the industry.

Pollock B Season Wraps Up, But Some Fish Still Left on Table

The pollock B season closed last Tuesday, and now the final harvest numbers are out. Over 1.16 million metric tons of pollock were caught in the Bering Sea this year. That’s enough to make more than 3 billion boxes of fish sticks.

Aleutian Region Listen as State’s Top Fisheries Earner

Every year, the Alaska Department of Labor devotes one monthly report entirely to fisheries issues. They run the data on how many people the fishing industry employs and how much revenue it brings in.

Aleutian Region Listed As State’s Top Fisheries Earner

The just issued, annual Alaska Department of Labor report on state fisheries says the number of people commercially harvesting fish has gone down over the past five years. In 2005, the monthly employment average was about 7,500 people. Last year, it was under 7,000.

Catcher-Processor Endures Fire at Sea

When a building catches fire, the situation is scary enough. The stakes are even higher on a boat, where there’s nowhere to go and no one to fight the fire but the people on board.

Bering Sea Polluck B Season Limping to Close

The Bering Sea pollock B season is limping to a close. As of Saturday, 77,000 metric tons of fish remain unharvested with just a few weeks to go.

New News Blog Emerges in Unalaska

When Alaska Newspapers Incorporated went under, many residents in rural Alaska worried that it would be harder to get local news. Now, one man in Unalaska has decided to do something about this.