Alain d'Epremesnil, KHNS - Haines

A person in drag stands on stage raising their hands

Haines residents split over planned Juneau Drag performance at the Southeast Alaska State Fair

What started as an online ripple became a wave of public comments at the last borough assembly meeting in Haines.

Record number of cruise passengers expected in Skagway this year

Skagway's tourism industry expects 1.2 million cruise passengers this year, almost double last year’s numbers.
A dark-eyed junco

Birds are returning to Lynn Canal

With the spring equinox past and Southeast Alaska snow melting fast, the land is waking up — and bird activity is increasing noticeably.
surplus milk in Haines

Haines store has milk run after ordering error

The owner of Olerud's Market Center in Haines is offering surplus milk from the accidental eight-pallet order at a discount.
a man and a gyrfalcon

Haines falconer trains bird of his dreams

Mario Benassi has had a lifelong passion for birds of prey, including his latest hunting partner — a female gyrfalcon named Mirum.
Skagway Packer Building fire

Building housing Skagway court destroyed in fire

Firefighters say the Packer Building, which also housed multiple local businesses, was a total loss in the Sunday blaze.