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Interior: An empty classroom

Talk of Alaska: Back to school amid hiring shortages

After two years of pandemic interruptions, many districts are hopeful for consistent in-person instruction. But a shortage of teachers, bus drivers and other staff is creating a stressful start to the school year for administrators and parents alike.
people walk downtown in rain

Talk of Alaska: Why are fewer people staying in Alaska long term?

Thousands of people move in and out of Alaska every year. But people who moved to Alaska in recent years are not staying as long as they used to.
ballot document

Talk of Alaska: Alaskans prepare for the primary election

Whether you’re excited or dismayed with the change, Alaskans will have their first experience with the state's new ranked choice voting method on August 16 for the special U.S. House race.

Talk of Alaska: Strengthening Indigenous food systems while highlighting local cuisine

For Indigenous chefs, reviving traditional harvest and preparation techniques is a mission to both create healthier bodies and healthier, more vibrant connections to family and community.

International conflicts drive increase in refugees, others arriving in Alaska

Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services typically works with about 150 new arrivals per year. This year, it enrolled more than 275 people so far.  

Talk of Alaska: Resources for refugees and new arrivals in Alaska

Every year, people from all over the world arrive in Alaska to escape conflict at home. Many of them have language barriers, and need assistance to find housing and jobs to build a new life.

Talk of Alaska: Food security for urban and rural Alaskans amid rising prices and fewer fish

High prices at the gas pump and the grocery store are putting pressure on Alaskans just as federal COVID relief programs are coming to an end.
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New Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies opens at JBER

A new regional center will focus on Arctic security and connecting military and civilian stakeholders in the region. 
A snaking river with some lakes around it and some snow drifts

Talk of Alaska: Anchorage’s new Ted Stevens Center for Arctic Security Studies

A new Department of Defense regional center for security studies based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage will track the region’s shifting priorities and changing climate.

Line One: Accessibility and dimensions of elderly support

Alaska’s elderly population is growing at a rapid rate while facing a range of challenges that can be distressing, and physically impairing.

Talk of Alaska: School security and addressing threats of violence

The disturbing trend of gun violence in schools continues to force school districts to look for ways to protect students and staff, and to prepare for the worst case scenario.

Celebration set to kick off in Juneau

This year’s theme is “Celebrating 10,000 years of cultural survival.”

Special Talk of Alaska: Live in Juneau for Celebration 2022

Celebration planners and culture bearers share the significance of coming together once again on a special Juneau edition of Talk of Alaska.

Line One: State program provides work experience for Alaska youth with disabilities

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation has a robust summer work program helping 200 disabled youths across 17 sites in Alaska. Advocates say this resource is great for youth, their parents and for Alaska employers. 

Line One: Mental health resources in rural Alaska

Mental health challenges are on the rise for many Alaskans, and resources in rural Alaska remain difficult to access.

Talk of Alaska: The growth of renewables in Alaska

Improved efficiencies, less pollution and independence from relying on expensive fuel shipments are making renewable systems attractive to urban and rural Alaskans. What’s been done so far and what’s on the horizon for the summer building season? 

Ukrainians arrive in Anchorage, with hundreds more expected in coming weeks

Twelve people from Ukraine arrived over the weekend, and hundreds more are expected in the coming weeks thanks to the local non-profit and a new federal program.  

Line One: Aging in place and caregiver support

Occupational therapists can provide much needed services to allow our elders to age with dignity in their homes and provide caregiver support.
The sun sets behind big, metal oil construction platforms.

Talk of Alaska: A Just Transition to a regenerative economy

What would a transition to a post-oil future look like? A group of community organizations from around the state are convening to explore sustainable concepts, and how we can build a more equitable economy.

Line One: Being blind in Alaska

The Alaska Center For The Blind And Visually Impaired discusses the myths and misconceptions about blindness, what life in Alaska is like for the visually impaired and the support and resources that are available.