James Oh

Multimedia Production Associate

James OhJames Oh is a multimedia production associate at Alaska Public Media, born and raised in the big state of Alaska. He got his start at AKPM in March of 2024 and has been thriving ever since!

Before joining Alaska Public Media, James earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and logistics. But then he decided to follow his heart and pivot to a career in marketing. He went to Washington State University, GO COUGS, to obtain an MBA in marketing and even co-founded an influencer marketing agency. There, he gained valuable experience in social media management, short-form content, and video production. But James always knew that his true passion lay in content creation, which ultimately brought him to his current role. James loves the process of turning raw footage into polished content.

When he’s not busy creating fantastic content, James is a huge sports fan and enjoys being active. Whether playing basketball, snowboarding, practicing yoga and volleyball, he’s always up for a good time. James believes that physical activity is a great way to stay healthy and reduce stress.