Adam Verrier


Adam Verrieadam verrierr grew up in New Hampshire and has lived in Norway, Sweden, and Michigan, but moved to Alaska immediately after graduating from the University of Wyoming in 1992 and has lived here ever since.  Adam enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities and was a member of the 1994 Olympic Team in cross-country skiing. After getting out of elite-level ski racing, he found a job appraising rural and remote real estate, primarily in the Aleutian Islands, Bristol Bay, Pribilof Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island and Cordova – all places that require travel by air or sea. His work allows Adam to explore remote areas of the state and to meet the interesting people who live in those places. When not traveling around Alaska for work, he is a volunteer assistant coach for the University of Alaska-Anchorage Ski Team, and also does ski race announcing / commentating for major events in Alaska and around the country.  A committed bicycle commuter, Adam enjoys going on bicycle and motorcycle adventures every chance he gets.

Adam is one of several hosts for Outdoor Explorer