Celebrating National Sourdough Bread Day | Hometown, Alaska

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Alaskans have a deep history with sourdough. Even the word itself is a moniker for Alaskans who are as resilient as they are self-sufficient. A name most wear with great pride. April 1 is National Sourdough Bread Day. On this Hometown, Alaska we discuss Alaska’s rich and fascinating history with sourdough; how to make it, what it tastes like and how it secured a place in so many Alaskans’ hearts.

HOST: Dave Waldron

GUEST: Julia O’Malley, journalist and food writer

Julia O’Malley website
“The Whale and the Cupcake”
Julia O’Malley bread recipes

Faubion Waldron

Dave Waldron began his radio career in 2000 as a volunteer DJ at UAA’s radio station KRUA 88.1, where he hosted a weekend music show. In 2004 he was hired as the station’s music director, and held the position until his graduation in 2007. He was hired by Alaska Public Media in 2008 and since then has worked as an audio engineer, editor, and producer. He currently runs his own small business AK Audio Pro, and is a host of Alaska Public Media’s Hometown, Alaska.

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