A deep dive into the Alaska B4UDie comedy festival | Hometown, Alaska

Two men and two women sit in a radio studio.
Left to right: Ben Peterson, host Dave Waldron, Katelyn Owens and Kass Smiley in the Alaska Public Media radio studio for a conversation about the upcoming B4UDie Comedy Festival. (Ammon Swenson/Alaska Public Media)

Starting next Monday is the Alaska B4UDie comedy fest, a week-long event taking place in Anchorage, Wasilla, Girdwood and Talkeetna. The festival will feature some out-of-state headliners but will also offer plenty of local talent. On this episode of Hometown, Alaska we meet the founder and some comedians behind B4UDie, talk about the art of stand-up comedy and explore how it’s cementing its place in Alaska.

HOST: Dave Waldron

Kass Smiley, comedian, founder of B4Udie
Katelyn Owens, comedian
Ben Peterson, comedian

Alaska B4UDie website
Rubber Ptarmigan website

Faubion Waldron

Dave Waldron began his radio career in 2000 as a volunteer DJ at UAA’s radio station KRUA 88.1, where he hosted a weekend music show. In 2004 he was hired as the station’s music director, and held the position until his graduation in 2007. He was hired by Alaska Public Media in 2008 and since then has worked as an audio engineer, editor, and producer. He currently runs his own small business AK Audio Pro, and is a host of Alaska Public Media’s Hometown, Alaska.

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