Alaska News Nightly: Thursday, March 21, 2024

A tiger at the Alaska Zoo
Kunali came to Alaska with his brother Korol in 2008 as part of a conservation program. (Courtesy Alaska Zoo Staff)

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Thursday on Alaska News Nightly:

Southeast communities work to develop a landslide warning system. Plus, a nonprofit plans to sue the state for what it says is inadequate funding for education. And, cheerleaders from Bethel compete for the state championships. 

Reports tonight from:

Wesley Early, Chris Klint, Tim Rockey and Ava White in Anchorage

Sage Smiley in Bethel

Dan Bross in Fairbanks

Brian Venua in Kodiak

Angela Denning in Petersburg

Liz Ruskin in Washington, D.C.

This episode of Alaska News Nightly is hosted by Wesley Early, with audio engineering from Chris Hyde and producing from Tim Rockey.

Tim Rockey is the producer of Alaska News Nightly and covers education for Alaska Public Media. Reach him at or 907-550-8487. Read more about Tim here

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