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Friends gathered in Petersburg to watch L’xeis Diane Benson in her first appearance onscreen as Bee in HBO’s “True Detective: Night Country.” (Hannah Flor/KFSK)

In the past, Indigenous people were misrepresented in movies and other media when harmful stereotypes and racist tropes were too often the norm. Indigenous Americans were presented as one-dimensional characters, or played by non-native actors. But things are changing and the recent HBO season of the series True Detective is a good example. It employed Alaska Native actors, writers and casting directors. What changes when Indigenous people have influence over popular television content? We talk with actors from the Alaska-focused series True Detective: Night Country, on this Talk of Alaska.


HOST: Lori Townsend


  • Mary Lou Asicksik – Actress and Casting Associate, True Detective: Night Country (Mary Lou is also an employee of Alaska Public Media)
  • Phillip Blanchett – Actor in True Detective: Night Country, lead singer/founder of Pamyua
  • Yaari Walker – Advisor and actress in True Detective: Night Country
  • L’xeis Diane Benson – Writer and stage actress, actress in True Detective: Night Country



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