Fire destroys Peter Pan Seafoods facility in Sand Point

a fire
A Peter Pan Seafoods warehouse and stockroom burned in a fire on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2023. The company says there were no injuries. (Courtesy Patrick James)

A fire tore through a small Peter Pan Seafoods facility in Sand Point Wednesday morning.

Edith Mejia, the office manager and a dispatcher for the small Aleutian Islands town’s police department, said the fire likely started between 7 and 8 a.m. Wednesday

a fire
Both structures were destroyed in the blaze. (Courtesy Patrick James)

“The town smells like burning plastic – it’s really bad outside,” she said. “You can smell it from here, and I’m really far away from them.”

Mejia said the smell of burning plastic came from fishing gear, like nets and line that are kept at Peter Pan’s building. The facility is not a fish processing plant, but a stock room and bookkeeping space. Employees range from two to four, seasonally.

Both the warehouse and nearby stock room were involved in the fire, according to a press release from Peter Pan. The company said there were no injuries.

“We have staff on the ground in Sand Point and teams en route from King Cove to continue assessing the situation and gathering information on the incident,” the statement read.

a fire
Crews cleared debris in the aftermath of the fire. (Courtesy Patrick James)

The fire department, Emergency Medical Services, public safety and TDX Power Group – a rural utility provider on the island – all responded to the incident and were on scene Wednesday morning, according to Mejia. She said the cause of the fire was unknown.

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