Alaska author’s newest novel examines wild spaces, unlikely alliances and the healing power of the state

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Author Kim Heacox is a former National Park Service Ranger who has written multiple award-winning books and is based in Gustavus, Alaska. (Courtesy of Kim Heacox)

Author Kim Heacox is a former ranger with the National Park Service who has written multiple award-winning books and contributes to The Guardian, writing opinion pieces about the environment and public lands. He lives in Gustavus and his most recent novel is called “On Heaven’s Hill.” It follows the rumblings in a coastal Alaska town where plans for a controversial bridge and road bring together some unlikely allies. The three primary characters are a former trapper trying to make the best for his family, a young girl newly arrived to Alaska coping with her father’s wartime injuries and young wolf who lives on the outside of town.

Heacox joins us to talk about his novel, finding his way to Alaska, protecting public lands and much more.

Kim Heacox website
“On Heaven’s Hill”
Kim Heacox for the Guardian
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