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Whales used to be a common sight around Kodiak Island, but in recent years, locals have observed fewer of the iconic mammals. A necropsy of a dead humpback whale performed in Kodiak last October seeks to answer questions about the health of whales in the area, but what other challenges are whale populations around the state facing? To answer these questions, host Lori Townsend is joined by NOAA Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator Dr. Mandy Keogh, and Matt Van Daele, Natural Resources Director for the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak, on this episode of Alaska Insight.


  • NOAA Fisheries statewide 24-hour Stranding Hotline: (877)925-7773
  • Alaska SeaLife Center Stranding Hotline: (888)774-7325
  • Report whale sightings and see where they’ve been at

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