Juneau homeowners can apply for state assistance, stabilize riverbanks after flooding

a Juneau building
Workers removed debris and added rock fill along the bank at Riverside Condominiums on Aug. 8, 2023. (Andres Javier Camacho/KTOO)

Juneau residents whose homes were lost or damaged during last weekend’s flooding can now apply for financial assistance from the state. The deadline to apply is Oct. 9.

Individual assistance helps homeowners cover property damage, cleanup work and other costs associated with the flooding. It may also pay for temporary housing if homeowners were displaced.

Those who need to stabilize their land along the Mendenhall River can do so right away, without getting a permit in advance. But property owners should let the city’s Community Development Department know about any bank stabilization work as soon as they start, so staff can begin the permitting process. 

Homeowners will still need to apply for grading permits and floodplain development permits within a month. Those forms are available on the city’s website.

The city has condemned eight buildings, meaning they’re not safe for occupation. Deputy City Manager Robert Barr said reopening those buildings will require approval from city property inspectors. Letting the city know about bank stabilization efforts right away will help that process go smoothly, he said.

“As property owners work on stabilizing their foundations and banks, our inspectors will go out there and do that work,” Barr said. “The goal is to be in the loop at the same time so that people can start the work quickly.”

The National Weather Service expects wind and rain to increase the risk of falling trees along the Mendenhall River this weekend

Barr said homeowners should talk to a planner at the Community Development Department if they’re concerned about potential bank erosion. Generally, he said, people still need to get permits before doing bank stabilization work unless there’s an immediate safety issue.

“But every situation is unique, and the bank is extremely unstable right now due to the flooding event,” he said.

Juneau residents can apply for state assistance online or by calling (844) 445-7131. The state recommends a five-step process for documenting damages before submitting an application.

Homeowners interested in emergency bank stabilization can contact senior planner Teri Camery at (907) 586-0753 ext. 4129 or teri.camery@juneau.gov.

Other resources are listed at this KTOO webpage.

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