Kenai man turns himself in after strangling friend in local hotel, charges say

a building with a sign that says Kenai Police Department
Kenai Police Department. (Sabine Poux/KDLL)

A Kenai man faces murder charges after confessing to killing a Sterling woman in a local hotel, according to the Kenai Police Department.

Thirty-year-old Nicolas Bushnell reported to police early Sunday to said he had killed someone at the Main Street Hotel in Kenai, according to a charging document. Police said they then visited the hotel room, along with medical personnel, where they found the victim, 33-year-old Breann Lang.

Police said Lang appeared to have been strangled. Officers found drugs in the room, including marijuana and nitrous oxide, also known as “whippets.” There was evidence of LSD having been present, the charges said.

According to the charges, Bushnell told police that he and Lang were friends and had planned to meet at the hotel to do psychedelic drugs together. He said they had sex, did whippets and took hits of LSD, the charges said.

“During the night, Nicolas said he decided he would kill Breann because she was a demon/the devil,” the charges said.

After he strangled Lang, Bushnell showered and waited a few hours before reporting the incident to police, according to the charges.

He was arrested and taken to Wildwood Pretrial Facility.

Police said they’re continuing to investigate the case, along with the Alaska Bureau of Investigations.

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