Meet One of Alaska’s longest Aurora Borealis Researchers | INDIE ALASKA

Syun-Ichi Akasofu always had a curiosity for the aurora borealis. Yet, no one in his hometown in Japan knew exactly where these multi-colored shimmering lights in the evening sky came from.

One day at the library, he discovered an essay about auroras written by Sydney Chapman, but he found this paper complicated and mathematical. Akasofu wrote some questions to Chapman, and he replied by inviting Akasofu to study with him in Fairbanks, Alaska.

This journey led him to publish books, create tours, and establish one of the top scientific research centers in the world.

Story by: Matt Faubion Photos and video provided by: The Aurora Chasers, Matt Faubion and International Arctic Research Center Music by: Matt Faubion

Matt Faubion is a multimedia journalist at Alaska Public Media. Reach him at Read more about Matt here.

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