Police arrest Seward man after weekend search

Seward City Hall
Seward police arrested 44-year-old Cash Christensen Jan. 1, 2023 after asking the public for help locating him and his car this weekend. (Sabine Poux/KDLL)

Officials have arrested a Seward man two days after they say he drove his car, carrying three children, into water at a local boat harbor.

Cash Christensen, 44, faces three counts of domestic-violence assault and two counts of third-degree weapons misconduct.

Seward Police Department Sgt. Patrick Messmer said police first received reports that a car Christensen had operated went into the Seward boat harbor Friday.

“And at that time, we didn’t have any reason to believe that it was anything more than an accident,” Messmer said.

He said Christensen wasn’t there when officers responded and that the kids in the car were safely rescued. He said police followed up with Christensen later.

“But information came in later, which I can’t get into, that made us look into it again,” he said.

On Sunday, Alaska State Troopers and Seward police sent out an alert asking for help finding Christensen and his car, warning the children he had been seen driving with late Saturday night might not be safe. Around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, they arrested Christensen on Salmon Creek Road in Seward.

Police said they found the three girls who were with him and returned them safely to family.

Charging documents were not available Monday, due to the holiday.

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