Nearly 200 Homer families receive food baskets for Thanksgiving meals

Homer Thanksgiving donation planners
Local organizers prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday. From left: Laura McBride, Homer Community Food Pantry; Capt. David Jimenez, The Salvation Army; Shari Daughtery and Jonathon Adams, Share the Spirit. (Kathleen Gustafson/KBBI)

The high cost of food and gas adds stress to people’s budgets and a challenge to the organizations who offer food and aid programs for the holiday season.

Thanksgiving food baskets were distributed over the weekend through the Homer Community Food Pantry at the Homer United Methodist Church. One hundred and ninety-three families signed up to receive baskets this Thanksgiving to make their own meals.

Representatives from local aid organizations spoke on Wednesday’s Coffee Table program about their increased need for donations and volunteers this year.

Pantry coordinator Laura McBride said this Thanksgiving, they’re serving twice as many people as last year and high prices mean lighter boxes at the pantry.

“We’re reducing the number of goods that families can take,” she said. “We’re just kind of getting hit.”

Homer Community Food Pantry will host a free supper this Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Homer United Methodist Church on East Road at the entrance to Homer High School.

The Salvation Army will deliver Thanksgiving plates to people without transportation.

The Food Pantry also maintains its regular hours on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. On Monday, Share the Spirit was at the food pantry to begin signing people up to receive Christmas holiday food baskets. Shari Daugherty from Share the Spirit said you don’t have to come to the food pantry to sign up.

“You can go to any human service agency in town or visit with your pastor at the church that you attend and they will get an application for you,” she said.

And, the Homer Senior Center is serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday at 3935 Svedlund Avenue. Seating begins at 12:30 p.m. The cost is $10 for adults, $6 for children. Reservations are required.

To make a reservation, call the Senior Center at 907-235-4555. They’re also seeking volunteers to help set up and serve food.

To donate or volunteer to help this season, contact the Food Pantry at or call 907-235-1968.

You can contact Share the Spirit through their Facebook page or call 907-235-7466.

For home delivery of a Thanksgiving plate this Thursday, call the Salvation Army at 907-235-2609.

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