Hometown Alaska: Touring the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

(Photo by Ammon Swenson/Alaska Public Media)

Mountain View is known for its diverse community and neighborhood values. It is not just the people that make the community what it is, but the institutions they run, many of whom have been around for a significant amount of time: Clark Middle School, Hula Hands, the Boys & Girls Club, the Red Apple, etc. One less-spoken-of institution that has been a gem in Mountain View is the Alaska Museum of Science and Nature. This week on Hometown Alaska host Justin Williams steps inside and takes a tour to see what it’s all about.

HOST: Justin Williams 

Dr. Elizabeth Whitney, executive director, Alaska Museum of Science and Nature
Dr. Kristine Crossen, president, board of directors, Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

Alaska Museum of Science and Nature

Justin Ezell Williams was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. A graduate of both art and sociology from the University of Alaska Anchorage, he is a father, cinephile; visual artist, podcast host and producer, as well as a musician.

He currently serves his community as a local influencer as a popular food reviewer, showcasing the best cuisine the state has to offer while studying the economy and anthropology of the local food industry.

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