ReVision Alaska – A Series Retelling Alaska’s Stories | Alaska Insight

National headlines often approach Alaska through the language of loss and crisis, painting residents of passive victims of systemic racism, climate change, or historical trauma. A new series from KTOO, ReVision Alaska, approaches the challenges facing Alaska through the eyes of those working on solutions. Lori Townsend speaks with ReVision Alaska Executive Producer Paige Sparks, who directed many of the first season’s episodes, as well as Javier Camacho, another producer from the series, about the ideas behind the series and the work that goes into creating it. Ellen Carrlee, Conservator for the Alaska State Museum, also joins to discuss the work featured in the first episode researching historic and new yarn-dyeing techniques, and Sdaahlk’awaas Kaatssaawaa Della Cheney, a Haida Weaver, explains the history and cultural significance of her craft.

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