2 propositions still too close to call following preliminary results in Juneau election

a ballot box in Juneau
A voter fills out a ballot inside Assembly chambers at City Hall on Oct. 4, 2022 in Juneau, Alaska. (Photo by Tasha Elizarde/KTOO)

The results of two ballot measures in Juneau’s municipal election are too close to call as of Tuesday night.  

Five candidates were unopposed on the ballot, with vote tallies still emerging on its propositions.

The city released preliminary results Tuesday night with more results expected on Friday and on Oct. 14 as ballots are processed. The canvass review board is expected to finalize the election on Oct. 19.

Three seats on the Assembly were uncontested this year. Incumbents Wade Bryson, Greg Smith and Carole Triem will each serve another three-year term. 

Two open seats on the school board also went uncontested. Deedie Sorensen and Emil Mackey III will each serve another three-year term. 

With no competitive races for the Assembly or school board, four ballot measures became the main focus of this year’s election.

The most widely talked about measure, Proposition 4, asked voters whether to repeal measures that mandate the disclosure of real estate sales prices with the city assessor’s office. Members of the local real estate industry led the repeal effort, while several members of the Assembly and city staff opposed it.  

As of Tuesday night, “yes” votes were ahead by fewer than 30 votes. 

Proposition 1 asked voters to authorize the city to borrow up to $35 million to help pay for a new City Hall. “No” votes led by fewer than 40 votes. 

Propositions 2 and 3 ask voters to approve funding measures for city parks and infrastructure improvements. As of Tuesday, both measures appear likely to pass by comfortable margins. 

Some proposition results could shift as more ballots are processed. Tuesday’s preliminary count included 4,834 ballots. That represents a voter turnout of 17%.

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