Peltola’s campaign gets big financial boost after special election win

A woman in a black suit jacket speaking into a microphone.
Mary Peltola speaking at the Alaska Oil & Gas Association candidate forum on Aug. 31, 2022. (Matt Faubion/Alaska Public Media)

Mary Peltola’s campaign got a huge boost in fundraising after she won the Aug. 16 special election.

Her campaign raked in almost $1.4 million in the 19 days following Election Day, according to a summary of her latest campaign finance disclosure report. That’s about two-and-a-half times as much as her campaign raised in the five months before Election Day.

Nearly of it came from individual contributions. Just $3,500 came from groups, according to the summary.

She had more than $1 million cash on hand, as of Labor Day, the end of the reporting period.

Peltola, a Democrat, beat Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich in the special election. She’s now serving in Congress, for the partial term that expires in January. She, Palin and Begich are campaigning for the next term. Libertarian Chris Bye will also be on the November ballot.

The FEC posted the summaries of their reports this afternoon but the full documents weren’t immediately available for download.

The summary shows Palin’s fundraising is still strong. She raised more than $250,000 in the 39 days before Labor Day. But she’s spending money quickly, too. She had about $23,000 in the bank at the end of the reporting period, after accounting for unpaid bills. 

Begich’s post-election fundraising came to $24,000. He had more than half a million dollars in his account on Labor Day. His campaign has benefitted from a $650,000 personal loan he made to the campaign.

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