Alaska election guide: Q&As with candidates for U.S. House, U.S. Senate and governor

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Voters cast their ballots in Bethtel. (Katie Basile/KYUK)

The Anchorage Daily News invited the candidates for statewide office — U.S. Senate, U.S. House and governor — to give their views on key issues and to discuss their priorities if elected ahead of the Aug. 16 primary and special U.S. House election and the Nov. 8 general election. Many of the questions came directly from readers or were based on readers’ suggestions.

Here’s how the candidates responded.

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D = Democrat; R = Republican; L = Libertarian; AIP = Alaskan Independence Party; NP = Nonpartisan; NA = Non-affiliated; U = Undeclared

* incumbent

U.S. House – Special Election

(Voters rank candidates in order of preference)

Nick Begich III (R)

Sarah Palin (R) – Did not respond

Mary Peltola (D)

Compare the candidates’ answers side-by-side

U.S. Senate – Primary

(Voters select one candidate; top four advance to November election)

Edgar Blatchford (D) – Did not respond

Patricia Chesbro (D)

David Darden (U)

Dustin Darden (AIP)

Shoshana Gungurstein (NP)

Sidney “Sid” Hill (NP) – Did not respond

Jeremy Keller (NP)

Buzz Kelley (R) – Did not respond

Huhnkie Lee (U)

Samuel A. “Al” Merrill (R)

Lisa Murkowski (R)*

Pat Nolin (R)

John Schiess (R) – Did not respond

Kendall Shorkey (R)

Karl Speights (R) – Did not respond

Joe Stephens (AIP)

Ivan Taylor (D) – Did not respond

Sean Thorne (L)

Kelly Tshibaka (R)

U.S. House – Primary

(Voters select one candidate; top four advance to November election)

Jay Armstrong (R)

Nick Begich III (R)

Gregg Brelsford (U)

Chris Bye (L)

Lady Donna Dutchess (NP)

Ted Heintz (NP) – Did not respond

David Hughes (U) – Did not respond

Davis LeBlanc (U) – Did not respond

Robert “Bob” Lyons (R) – Did not respond

Sherry Mettler (U) – Did not respond

J.R. Myers (L)

Robert Ornelas (American Indep. Party) – Did not respond

Sarah Palin (R) – Did not respond

Silvio Pellegrini (U) – Did not respond

Mary Peltola (D)

Andrew Phelps (NP) – Did not respond

Randy Purham (R)

Brad Snowden (R) – Did not respond

Sherry Strizak (U)

Tara Sweeney (R)

Denise Williams (R) – Did not respond

Tremayne Wilson (NP) – Did not respond

Governor – Primary

(Voters select one candidate)

Mike Dunleavy (R)* – Did not respond

Les Gara (D)

David Haeg (R) – Did not respond

John Wayne Howe (AIP)

Christopher Kurka (R)

William Nemec (U) – Did not respond

Charlie Pierce (R) – Did not respond

William “Billy” Toien (L) – Did not respond

Bruce Walden (R) – Did not respond

Bill Walker (NP)

Find additional candidate info at the Alaska Division of Elections.

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