Alaska News Nightly: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

a tree falls onto a house
In the Ester hills, outside of Fairbanks, strong winds on Monday, July 25, 2022, knocked over trees, some toppled onto homes and others onto powerlines, causing outages. (Bob Grove)

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Wednesday on Alaska News Nightly:

Hundreds of households in the Interior are still without power after Monday’s windstorm. Homeless families, including one with a newborn, move from an Anchorage campground to shelters. And the first signs of an invasive crab species appear in Southeast Alaska.

Reports tonight from:

Dan Bross in Fairbanks
Wesley Early in Anchorage
Liz Ruskin in Washington D.C.
Dylan Simard in Kodiak
and Eric Stone in Ketchikan

Alaska News Nightly is hosted by Casey Grove, with producing and audio engineering from Toben Shelby and Katie Anastas.

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