Alaska News Nightly: Monday, July 25, 2022

Exterior: a herd of wood bison.
Young Wood Bison that are being transported to join a herd seeded along the Innoko River in 2015. (Alaska Department Of Fish And Game)

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Monday on Alaska News Nightly:

The state Department of Law says homeschooling families can use public funds to pay for private school classes. The right to an abortion in Alaska remains secure, but off the road system, it’s not so straightforward. And before their move north, some young wood bison spent the summer in Fairbanks bulking up.

Reports tonight from:

Katherine Moncure in Dillingham
Kavitha George in Anchorage
Sabine Poux in Kenai
Tim Ellis in Delta Junction
Katherine Rose in Sitka
and Dan Bross in Fairbanks

Alaska News Nightly is hosted by Casey Grove, with producing and audio engineering from Toben Shelby and Katie Anastas.

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