Road to Lowell Point near Seward is now completely open to traffic

A landslide crosses a road with people in yellow vests standing in front
Inspectors look at the Lowell Point landslide in early May. (Photo courtesy of James Unrein)

The road connecting Lowell Point to Seward is now completely open to traffic after last month’s landslide. As of Friday, crews have wrapped up mitigation work on the landslide there and cars are allowed to pass at all hours, according to the City of Seward. 

The landslide blocked off the one road between Seward and the small community of Lowell Point, on the Kenai Peninsula, for most of May. Mitigation efforts were slowed by a still-unstable slope above and narrow workspace below. And while the road opened back up for the most part just before Memorial Day weekend, it was still closed off to traffic intermittently during the week as crews continued to clear debris.

The city warns that even though the road is fully open it’s still an ongoing hazard and says drivers should use caution. The city also says future work to clear fallen debris is not out of the question.

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