Search continues for 7-year-old Kodiak boy

a boy in a chair
Sawyer Cipolla is 7-years-old and was least seen near his home on Forest Drive. (Kodiak Police Department)

As of Friday afternoon, K9 teams were still searching Kodiak for 7-year-old Sawyer Cipolla, who went missing nearly a week ago.

Cipolla is autistic and doesn’t answer to his first name. He was reported missing last Saturday afternoon after he disappeared near his home in a heavily wooded part of the island.

More than a dozen agencies — including local law enforcement, U.S. Navy Seals and members of the Coast Guard — have participated in the search effort. Nearly 1,000 community volunteers have also joined the search, according to Alaska State Troopers, which is leading the investigation.

Agents from the FBI’s Anchorage Field Office were also deployed to assist in the ongoing search.

A “Search for Sawyer” Facebook page has been set up to give updates on the case.

Anyone who thinks they may have seen Cipolla should call the troopers in Kodiak. Their number is 907-486-4121.

Cipolla was last seen wearing gray pants, an Under Armour brand camouflage hoodie and hiking boots, according to troopers. He is white with brown hair and brown eyes, and is four and a half feet tall.

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