Jason Williams

Jason Williams is a candidate for the 2022 U.S. House special election. (Photo provided by candidate)

Jason Williams| Party: Undeclared | Age: 45 | Occupation: Heavy equipment operator with the state DOT | Residence: Near Copper Center | jasonwilliamsforcongress.com

Have you or will you file to also run in the regular election for the U.S. House seat?

Yes I plan on filling for regular election

Candidate statement:

My name is Jason Williams and I’m running for Congress. I believe that Alaska needs strong individuals such as myself to represent them at the federal level. People who understand Alaskans are independent by nature. They have a strong connection to the environment and traditional rights, such as hunting and fishing activities. I believe that Alaskans need representation who will fight for their ability to develop their natural resources and participate in the global and national economies going forward without onerous government intervention. I hope that you’ll vote for me in this election. Thank you.

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